Advice to The Republican Party


I had just a few thoughts about the year ahead. I beg a little indulgence from my Tea Party independent friends out there as I am speaking mainly to my Republican friends and anyone they can reach in the party.

Recently Rasmussen reported that the Tea Party Movement is beating the Republican Party in popularity. How can a grassroots movement be more popular than a long-established political party? If we remember, at one time, the GOP was the grassroots movement.

As a long standing Republican, I have voted Republican in every election since President Reagan was elected. I want the party to return to its conservative roots. NOW! Not later. Republican Party leaders should be embarrassed that they have moved so far to the left that millions of us were left with a major dilemma in the last national election. Most, like me that have always been Republican’s did vote that way, holding our noses as we did.

Leaders of the party really should take note of their debacle in the New York 23rd District race. They pressed ahead with another RINO candidate, and much to their chagrin, conservatives, and mostly Republican conservatives decided that they are tired of having this “Big Tent, liberal leaning hog wash shoved down their throats and acted accordingly. The Republican establishment cost Republicans the victory there. Not Doug Hoffman, not Sarah Palin, not us, the conservatives that have given the Republican Party every victory they have ever enjoyed. The Republican candidate backed the Democrat in the election. Sour grapes or not, how could a party of the conservative people have put forth such a candidate?

Instead, the Republican establishment disdains this grassroots uprising. Rather than embracing it as the true feelings and heart of the American conservative, establishment politicians are calculating how to co-opt, sideline, or even defeat the tea party movement. That is arrogance of the highest magnitude and not leadership. It could very well be the end of Republican Party as we know it, and the leaders who have taken the party from the Party of Reagan to the Party of RINO’s, no ideas, no leadership, or principles. They need to hear with ears that hear and see with eyes that see.

This movement stems from a complete disdain for the politics as usual approach that both parties have engaged in. This is a systemic problem, the top-down approach used by leaders in both parties who are indifferent to the concerns of ordinary Americans. We are sick and tired of it and we are going to change it, with or without the Republican Party. It’s not too late for the party to join us in it, but the time is getting short.

We have all come to realize that big-government career politicians aren’t going to save America. My Republican Senator that wishes to be Governor is a strong case in point for this. She tells to our faces one thing while doing another. She tells us she voted to end debate for a massing spending bill because the Democrat’s already had the votes while we watch a video of her doing the actual voting and listen as the speaker reads off the vote count. This is just one of a thousand votes she voted for to increase spending all the while telling us she is against big-government. Please! We truly aren’t idiots, no matter what she thinks.

Republican leaders, please join with us to defeat the Marxist, leftist Maoist bent of the current leadership. We will join you in your efforts to reform government to its conservative, freedom loving and economy supporting roots.

The current problems our country faces are caused by unrestrained and corrupt government. It has become apparent that the solution lies in electing officials who understand, respect and abide by the Constitution as much as we citizens do. The Tea Party Movement in its essence is about more than electing new politicians, although that will be one of its consequences. The Tea Party people are actually reading, following and using the Constitution to form policy choices, and will use it as a means to hold our politicians accountable.

Our constitutional system of checks and balances is in shambles. Congress refuses to hold the president accountable to the constitution, and the courts refuse to hold the other two branches accountable and no one holds the courts accountable for anything. If our government will not hold its self accountable, we shall hold it accountable ourselves.

This is why the 10th Amendment is becoming so popular within the Tea Party Movement. This is why that Amendment is becoming the bane of statists in the political establishment and will soon become a hill to die upon for many. The 10th Amendment, intended as it is, to be a fundamental, “systemic” protection of our constitutional form of government. It says that all powers not given expressly to the federal government, as written in the words of the Constitution are reserved to the States or to the people. It is a fail-safe against the tyranny of an overreaching.

The 10th Amendment has been collecting dust for far too long. It is a natural resource for the Tea Party Movement and its bid to preserve this Union and the freedoms we hold so dear. The way to stop the over bearing, insatiable appetite of the federal government and create a culture of freedom and prosperity is held within the Constitution itself. As Tea Party members, we will use the Constitution, which has been so disregarded by the three branches of government, to tame the beast of tyrannical big government. The 10th Amendment is one key.


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