The Facts OF Life

Our nation has reached a crossroads. 2010 may turn out to be the most decisive year in our nation’s history. I truly am trying to think of ways to help our nation survive. Survive! I know that we have it in us, you and I, and we can do it.

That being said, we have huge hurdles to get over. Not just the current administration.

As conservative, honest and right living people, we see the best in most people.

Sometimes it is in our friends, or in people that we refer to as friends, when they truly may not be. I myself, in the past, have been very guilty of this very thing. I let people that I knew, and that I liked frankly, into my life, that I knew, inside, I should not have ever let in. They were users, thieves, reprobates, liars and cheats. But, I liked them enough to over look those short comings in them. I always suffered the consequences for allowing myself to be around them. I moved on and anytime I have occasion to see or speak to them, I now have a barrier up between the two of us. Works better this way. As the Bible in 2 Peter 2:22 so succinctly says,’ “Dogs return to their own vomit. Let them, but don’t let them lick you.

I know that a large portion of us, even years after we have moved on with our lives, still get disappointed, angry and upset when our ex spouses continue to do the things that we couldn’t put up with before. We think to ourselves, “why can’t they do this and that,” or “why do they act like that.” That is who they are. Dogs bark and lick themselves, because they can. Accept them as they are, and they won’t disappoint or hurt you anymore.

Sometimes though, and I feel that we are at this point with all politicians, Democrat or Republican, that we somehow just can’t really accept the way things are. I hear it all day long on talk radio. I see at night while watching Sean and Glenn and also in conversation with others. Things like, “don’t they know this is bad?” or “where is the transparency they promised?” and “how is this going to give me free health care,” We still seem to have a problem seeing what is happening to the world around us. We want them to stop being what they are. But they are what they are.

If this were a different place and time. If we didn’t have the staggering troubles that we do. If B. Hussein Obama wasn’t a leftist gorilla subverting our nation, I might feel differently than I do right now. At this point, I may loss some or all of you, as my e-mail and blog friends. But, as a completely fed up, conservative, tea party member, Don’t Tread On Me Flag owning, throw them all out, kind of person, I need to be frank with you in what I know could be the death of our republic.

As a case in point, I agree with Glenn Beck 99.99999% of the time. But, and I think this is a big but, Democrats and Republicans, for the most part are not “all just a like.” Granted, there are way too many Repub’s that have strayed from conservative values, been RINO’s (, Sen’s Snowe-ME, Collins-ME, Hutchison-TX, McCain-AZ), been thieves, been perverts, the list goes on and on. But, there are many in offices that completely agree with you and me.

The same can not be said about Democrats. They are all, regardless of whether they are blue dogs or not, party line carrying liberals. They all vote against our conservative issues, unless they already have enough votes to pass their liberal agenda. When they already own the vote, some hide behind a “going rogue” (Sorry Sarah, not you, still love you) non-party vote to try and fool some of the people all of the time. Even when they run as independents, (Joe Lieberman-CT) they are still left wing liberals and vote that way. Democrats and I must call them out here, so called moderate undecided, always vote democrat, even if they don’t like their candidate.

My point is this; the independent direction is a losing direction in national elections. There, I said it. New York 23rd, Ross Perot are just two examples. Now, please, “can I finish, can I finish” as Ross used to say. I loved Hoffman in the 23rd and know that he should have been the Republican candidate instead of that thing that the establishment put in as candidate. But, he lost.

We need to work in the local levels in the Republican Party. I know it will be a fight. But it will be easier to reform the GOP than replace them. We need to get closed primary’s to keep out Democrats and independents from choosing our Republican candidate. Remember John McCain, how the hell did that happen? My mouth still gets dry and my hands still shake just thinking about having voted for him (loved Sarah though) against Obama.

I kick myself every time Barry comes on the television with his teleprompter. I didn’t get involved. I didn’t get out there and campaign for someone that I wanted. Oh, I voted, but to tell you the truth, the most I ever did was contribute to the GOP and put up a sign in my yard. Well whooptie doo.
From this point forward, as long as we have a republic and I am alive, I am going to be involved.

We can still get our people into office using the Republican Party as OUR footstool. “All politics is local” it was once said and is still true. We take control of the party by letting them know how we feel, what we want and how we are going to vote. REMEMBER, WITHOUT US, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS DEAD. They need us. Well, we need their platform. I feel the momentum is going in our direction within the GOP. Let’s grab hold of it and make it our own.

The facts of life are this. We can not cut off our noses to spite our faces. We just can not spend our precious vote this time to teach the Republicans a lesson. Right now, we can not start up a complete new party and be successful in saving our republic. The Maoist’s on the left have too much power right now. With the voter fraud and attempts to steal elections that the Democratic Party engages in, we have to have our candidates so far ahead that it is almost impossible for them to steal it. Because, believe me, they are going to try, every time, in every election, to steal your freedom.

I hope I don’t get too many “take me off your e-mail list” e-mails from you all out there. We are still in this together and we need all of us fighting together. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”, Ben Franklin, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


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