Lifes Lessons in Our Pets


Here at my home in Texas, we have 3 pets, one cat and two dogs. I am not exactly sure how we ended up with so many living in the house with us. I think it was accomplished through attrition.

I had another dog for 12 years, Sam, a golden retriever/collie mix. He was the sweetest and most loving dog that has ever lived. I say dog but Sammy Boy transcended being a canine. His favorite thing to do was be close and be there for you incase you needed to pet him. Sweet he was.

As a matter of fact, he didn’t do anything like a normal dog. He didn’t fetch, didn’t chase cars, hated a dog house and for the first 5 to 7 years, I never heard him bark. The first time he did, he was asleep. Frightened the tar out of both us. He set up quickly and gave me a look like, “Hey! Somebody hear a dog bark?”

He died four years ago on January 13th around 3:30 in the afternoon. I still haven’t gotten over his passing.

That brings me to the three that cohabitate with us now. We have Sly, the cat (looks like Sylvester from the cartoons), Mabel the Yellow Lab and Diesel, the English Bull Dog.

Sly is nine years old now, and I think he is a “RINO”, Republican In Name Only. I know for sure that he is a Baptist because when we pray at meal time, he likes to stand beside one of our chairs, raise a paw in the air and meow an “Amen”.

He, being a cat, uses a cat box. Like a RINO and a lot of Baptists I knew in church, he tries not to let you see him in the box. You know does those things but it is hard to catch him at it. If you do see him, he pretends that he hasn’t been in the box at all. Sly the Cat is in it for himself, and he will con you into letting him on your lap when he needs you. Then he’ll just ignore you till he needs something else from you.

Mabel is nine or ten. My brother and his wife raise English Show Labradors in New Mexico. When we would visit, Mabel was always sweet. Mabel, although beautiful to look at, didn’t like being in the show ring. She has been a great dog to help raise our son. She even sleeps with him. Pals.

Mabel, I think is an old FDR Democrat, but she would have voted for Reagan. I say this because she is such a sweet and caring animal, like most of our grandmothers. She just wants to take care of everybody and wants things steady. She is also kind of neurotic. She always has a stuffed animal in her mouth. She gets nervous when the boy is late or out with his friends. Like FDR Democrats, she can only see the best in people and thinks that the old ways are the best ways.

That brings me to Diesel, the 4 year old English Bull Dog. He is a complete Knucklehead and an Independent/Libertarian. He is in it for the fun of it. If he finds one of Mabel’s toys and wants to bite the head off, he does. He will run in circles around the living room, because he likes to. He plays ball by himself. He has even, by himself mind you, taken a ball up the stairs, kick it down the stairs and chase it. Repeatedly.

I say he is an Independent/Libertarian because he loves getting into the cat box. He just doesn’t seem to be able to control himself. He tries to play it off like he didn’t do something wrong, but there is gray cat litter all over his face. He knows that he has screwed up when he sees you. He’ll set there with an “I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time,” look on his face. He’ll forget soon and we go through it again later. He doesn’t seem to learn that there are always consequences to his decisions.

We all know people out there like these three. We need to do everything we can between now and the elections to steer them in the right direction. We need to take back the Republican Party, redeem it from the inside. Make it the conservative stronghold it should be.

We need to get candidates that think like we do on their own, when their not campaigning. No more RINO’s like Sly. We need to show those out there that still think the Democrats are really interested in making our lives better, the truth and get them away from being FDR Democrats like Mabel. Then we will have to do our best to corral up the Diesels out there that aren’t thinking of the importance of every vote against the Democrats. Remember what Perot did for our country.

No offence intended to the Baptists out there. I was raised one.



  1. […] Bruce analyzed the political leanings of his pets, cracked me […]

  2. This was fun. The knock-down drag-out land of political blogs needs more light posts, a moment of just goofy sometimes makes the point more clearly.
    (this is Phil from CHS)

  3. My friend Karl responded to my pet post. as usual, he hits things on the head.

    I always enjoy reading your thoughtful, entertaining, and well-written messages. In most cases I agree with your viewpoints. At most, any divergence of opinion is normally minimal. However, on this one—despite the cute and inventive personification of the animals around your home and your classification of them as members of various political parties/philosophies—I’ve got to respectfully disagree about two of your premises:

    1. Diesel as a Libertarian: Sorry, but as a life-long lower-case “L” libertarian and classical liberal (see if you’re not familiar with the terminology…the definition might surprise you), I can categorically state that Diesel is no libertarian. I’m not sure that I would even insult most intelligent independents by classifying him among their group either. From the brief description you gave of him, I would be much more comfortable describing him as an unaffiliated, clueless, teenage prankster who could care less about politics or the consequences of his actions.

    Here’s my much shorter, sweeter, and simpler personification of animals vis-à-vis political persuasions. Trying to keep the comparison somewhat close to your dog/cat analogy, I would instead classify a dingo dog as a libertarian. Dingoes are fiercely independent, take responsibility for their own actions, rarely fight, don’t ask anything of anyone else, yet they are highly socialized and fiercely dedicated to their family members. Here’s a brief excerpt about dingoes:

    Although dingoes are usually seen alone (especially in areas where they are persecuted), most belong to a social group whose members meet from time to time and are permanently together during the mating season in order to breed and raise pups. Dingoes are generally highly social animals and form, where possible, stable packs with clearly defined territories, which only rarely overlap with the territories of neighbouring packs. Intruders are mostly killed. These packs as a rule consist of 3–12 individuals (mostly the alpha-pair, as well as the current litter and the previous year’s litter), who occupy a territory throughout the whole year. However, there are regional variants which show the flexible social structure of the dingo. Apparently, specialization on bigger prey boosts social behaviour and the formation of bigger groups…

    And—regrettably—much like the American political scene, dingoes are classified as a Threatened (Endangered) Species in Australia.

    Oh yeah, how do Democrats and Republicans fit in with this analogy? Easy. Just look under the dingo’s fur and you’ll find blood-sucking ticks (Democrats) and useless, parasitic, irritating fleas (Republicans) competing with each other to dominate and control the gravy train they’re riding on.

    2. “Taking over” the Republican Party: I love, admire and respect incurable optimism. But sooner or later Charlie Brown finally figures out that despite all her promises and exhortations, Lucy is never going to hold that football down for him. There are two great big huge elephants in the “Take Over the Republican Party Room” that everyone seems to miss:

    a. There is absolutely no way you will ever get a majority of this country to agree to revert back to originalist constitutional principles, or anything even close to resembling such tenets. If all you’re concerned about is trying to slow down the progress of the Nanny State from bullet-train speed to Amtrak speed, then fine…that’s what “taking over the Republican Party” might get us, at best. Still the same Nanny State Express; just one that moves a little slower, makes a few more stops, and takes a few side trips to pick up more free-loaders.

    b. Even if you were successful in “taking over the Republican Party” in Texas (which, believe it or not, is problematic in itself), it’s not the Dems vs Repubs that is the problem. That’s all nothing more than just a convenient little side show to keep the unwashed masses entertained. It’s the bleepin’ SYSTEM that is horribly broken and must be repaired. Try to fix it and both the D’s and R’s will fight you every step of the way. And I think you already know my solution…

    Wish I could agree with you (and most of the ‘Tea Party’ groups) about this proposed strategy, but IMHO it does little or nothing to change the eventual outcome; just slows it down temporarily. I’d be glad to discuss it with you in much greater depth, but have probably written all I need to for tonight…

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