Was That A Chimp In The Kitchen, Or Did I Eat A Bad Burrito?

Do you ever have something that just sticks in your mind? And no matter what you do, it just stays in there. You can try and think of other things, and it might work for a bit, but it just comes back. Kind of like when you have that sudden whistling/buzzing type of sound in your ears, what we commonly refer to as a dog blowing a people whistle. You can stick your finger in your ear but it just doesn’t help. Then, for no reason at all, it just goes away. Strange, huh?

Recently I had a dream, at least I think it was a dream but then again, it may have just been a passing thought. In the dream, I am wakened by a noise coming from the kitchen. I quietly get out of bed and reach for my personal defense apparatus. Slowly, I make my way to the kitchen.

When I get there, much to my amazement, I see three moneys tearing the place up. I can’t quite remember if they are chimpanzees or spider monkeys, but they are monkeys just the same. All three are up on the countertops trashing the room, and they have gotten into the sugar and flour containers. They are making loud monkey noises and throwing sugar and flour in the air and all over the kitchen.

I yell at them. They stop for just a moment and give me their see no, hear no, speak no impression. Then they go right back to the monkey party.

I make my way toward them, but they scatter in three different directions. Monkeys, be they spider or chimps, are quick little buggers. I can’t get a hold on any of them. When I am tired of the chase, they congregate back together at the sugar and flour and continue on with their night time party.

I haven’t quite figured it all out yet. Different interpretations come to mind. In the first one, I think they are Barry, Harry and Nancy. That scenario actually kind fits. They do their dirty work in the middle of the night, away from prying, or patriotic eyes. They toss every type of legislation into the air, making a huge mess of our country.

When caught destroying our republic, they make their protestations, calling their detractors Nazi’s, whether they are Republicans or worse yet, the Tea Party Movement. If anyone calls them out on it, they pretend that they are innocent, that they are the victims of right wingers. They say they are doing it for the American people, when it is the American people that are calling them out on it. When we let up the tiniest little bit on them, they are back to making a mess of things. Hummm, could be?

In the second, maybe its McCain, Lieberman and Graham, it doesn’t necessarily need to be those three in particular, but they are the usual suspects. They go about their Maverick ways, creating problems for you and me. Their big government, big spending, RINO way of doing things, selling us out when we aren’t paying attention or we are just busy building our lives and the true wealth of the nation.

When we catch them at it, they, like the monkeys, pull their, hear no, see no, and speak no routine. They pretend that we didn’t just see them with their hands in the cookie jar, excuse me, sugar and flour jars. They act like we don’t know what we are talking about. They change their tunes when it comes to getting elected, but when the time comes, they go back to their late night kitchen monkey fest, throwing our country to the wind with their progressive loving ways. Ya, I might be on to something here.

The third option I have is a real toe stepper on-er. And this thought bothers me the most. Maybe the monkeys are us. You, me, and other people we know. Not that we are doing bad things in the middle of the night. Not that we are doing things to hurt others or our country on purpose.

But I think, we, like the monkeys are just doing what we do. No one, if they think about it, could really think monkeys should know better than to get into the sugar and flour and make a mess of things. All you have to do is watch them at the zoo and see that what ever they are doing, they are just doing it because that is what monkeys do.

We have went about our lives, doing what we do, day after day, head down, nose to the grind stone chasing the American dream. All the while allowing the monkeys in DC and in state and local government turn our nation into Europe lite. Spending our money and future on what they wanted to.

But more than that, I also think that, in my dream, we are not just the monkeys, but also we are represented by me in the dream as well. I mean that we create our own problems sometimes and then we stand back and yell at the problems that were created by us.

We vote in local elections for bond issues like 9 million dollars for a high school football stadium, 8 million dollars for a high school auditorium, 7 million dollars for an early education center which is really just free daycare for all, another 150 K for a park, the list goes on and on. Even when we live in a little town with less than 20 businesses’ that pay the tax base, we continue to vote to spend our country into debt.

We vote to allow our cities to spend a billion dollars on mass transit rail systems. How many 50 cent tickets do people have to buy to pay for the a billion dollar railway? It seems every town the in the DFW Texas area has a brand new town center with all new city halls and government buildings. How many years does it take an entity that doesn’t make any money at all except by stealing from legitimate businesses, to pay off 10 million dollars for a new city hall?

Are we willing to give up those things that we have come to expect and that feel we deserve? Could we give almost all government money except for roads and defense? It sounds good, but, really, could we? Are we willing to give up Social Security? What about Medicare and Medicare Part D, Medicaid, federal student loan guarantees, unemployment insurance, mass transit systems, on and on it goes till we now have 12 trillion in debt and it is going up by 2 trillion a year.

I don’t have the answers. I just know that I have been part of the problem in the past and want to try and avoid being part of the problem in the future. How do we do that?

Please, let’s all work together, not only to rid our government of the monkeys that are destroying our future, but to do the things necessary to cut out all of our co-dependencies we have grown to love. We need to ask ourselves, and we need to accept the answer to the question, how did these damn monkeys get into my kitchen anyway.


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