Killing the Messanger, Et tu Brute, Slight Return


Glenn Beck! It is almost synonymous with BOO!

It seems to be a name that sparks love, hate, fear, envy, trust, mistrust, disdain and sometime adulation. It amazes me sometime how we, the human animal think and feel about things. And it further amazes me how quickly and easily we can, in an instant, change to a completely opposite point of view than we were mere moments before.

When Glenn Beck came out with the 912 project, it came at a time when we as conservatives were in desperate need of a leader, if not a savoir, that felt and believed in the same principles that we did. Speaking for myself, watching and listening to him helped to guide me back to an interest in the founding of this great nation that I, and I am sorry to say this, had misplaced in my memory and had little interest in.

I knew that I hated the things that politicians were doing to us and our children’s future. But other than voting and an occasional yard sign, I didn’t do much to change things. By 2006, this dedicated Republican voter had given up on them as a party and told them so in no uncertain terms each and every time the RNC called and begged me for money. I told them to go pound sand. I also told them that if they forgot about people like me when it was time for THEM to vote, then I was going to return the favor and forget about their sorry butts when it was time for me to vote. Seemed fair to me. What about you?

Then along comes Glenn Beck. To me and a host of others, he was like an oasis in a desert of talking heads and lying politicians. We all couldn’t get enough of his wit and wisdom. He started teaching us those things that we had never learned and reminding us of those things that had slipped from our minds years ago as we fought through our daily lives.

At times, people were trying to contact him directly and were begging him to become the leader of the Tea Party movement. He helped organize the movement and then turned it over to us, to carry on. He became a rallying point instead of a leader, a helper and enabler instead of a party boss, preferring to allow us to chart the course of the conservative re-founding. He became OUR greatest cheerleader, promoting the good will and common sense of us, the American people, which our God and Creator had given us.

Then, along comes a radio interview with Texas Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Debra Medina. I, up to that interview had mostly good thoughts about Debra Medina but I disagree with her a few issues and because of those issues, she was not going to be my candidate. I heard the radio interview as it happened.

She, like almost all politicians, preferred to stick to her talking points and to attack the other candidates instead of answering the questions asked of her. (I understand that is how it is done, even Sarah Palin does the same thing. They all talk in circles instead of ever coming to the answer. Politics as usual)

When asked the question, about her beliefs in the government having been involved in the 911 attacks, she came off to me at least, sounding as if she was indeed a 911 Truther. I didn’t know her true beliefs in this matter up to this point. Since hearing this interview, I think she believes that the government did not have a role in the attack but that they did have warnings and information that they could have acted upon but didn’t. But given the political climate and rules of engagement at the time, coming out of the Clinton era of dropping our defenses and allowing ourselves to be open to attack, President Bush couldn’t act to stop it.

To me she is not a 911 Truther. But, Debra Medina did not make that point during the Glenn Beck interview. When it is over, even I thought she was a truther.

The attacks against Glenn Beck over the top. Things I read on the 912 Project website, things I saw on television, other “conservative” radio talk show hosts called Glenn Beck anything and everything that degraded and maligned not only his interview, but him personally. Two different AM radio talk shows here in the DFW area, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon/early evening were almost as bad as anything I read from people on the web. The two guys are obviously Medina supporters, and that is fine. But they have lost me forever as a listener because of their Obama/Emanuel/Axlerod/Gibbs type of personal destruction attacks on Glenn Beck. They used all kinds of attacks, everything from calling him a Perry operative to attacking his patriotism. They attacked his Patriotism!!! If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck, most of us would have forgotten about being a Patriot.

When the two young people went under cover and brought to light the ACORN videos that helped to discredit that treasonous organization, the Democrats wanted to prosecute them instead of the ACORN idiots that wanted to help with under aged prostitutes. When the women that had been used President Bill Clinton brought that to light, the Democrats attacked those women in the worst ways. When you and I stand up for our rights and the Constitution, we are called Nazi’s, terrorists, and everything else they could think of including racists.

Is it time that we, like the Progressives, like Liberal Democrats start killing the messengers? Is it time that we bind ourselves to people running for office so tightly that we loose sight of the truth and refuse to see it if it goes against what we want? Even if it is the truth? Obama and his quislings do that to Republicans and conservatives. Should we? Republican’s have a tendency to eat their wounded, it is time to stop that.

A little over 2000 years ago, there were those that stood at a trial of a man. The prosecutor brought him forward and said, “Ecce Homo, behold the man.” The crowd who mere hours before were followers of his and had heard the prisoner say, “Blessed are meek and Blessed are the poor”, now said, “Crucify him, we have no King but Caesar.”

I am not comparing Glenn Beck to my Lord and Savior Jesus, who was the Christ. I am saying that we, in a sense, need to remember that charity and grace begin at home. We have no King, not even Caesar, not even a Republican candidate.

Patriots, lets keep up the fight, but let’s also care for our wounded and our compatriots.


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  1. Amen! Thank you-
    I can not take the Beck bashing on KLIF-my radio does not tune in till Glenn comes on and never will listen to Jeff Boltin or JD Wells again.

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