A Trip To The Donut Shop

There have been two incidents in the last couple of weeks that remind me of the way our great nation is headed. Please bear with me as I relate them to you.

The other day I was headed into the local Quip Trip for a glass of ice tea. As I was about to enter, there were two ladies about to the door at the same time. As I should have, I started to open the door for them to pass before me, but as I was, a late teen or early twenty something guy tried to go through the door that I was opening for the ladies. He was too busy sending a text message to whomever to open the door in front of him or to take the time to open it for himself.

The women were there first, and they went through the open door. As they passed in front of me but hadn’t quite made it through and into the store, the ill mannered boy tried to brush by them and through the door that I was holding. As he was doing this, he was still texting on his cell phone and didn’t notice that I was going to go through the door that I was opening myself and wasn’t about to hold it for his sorry butt.

As I guess you have assumed by now, I unfortunately collided with the knuckle head in a “high five” type of chest bump. You will be glad to know that I made it through the incident unscathed. Mr. “Trophy Kid/I Come First/Mom Says I Am Great” fell backwards and almost onto the floor. Easy, No, I didn’t knock the poor child to the ground. He merely staggered backward a few feet. Well, ok, maybe four or five feet.

You’ll be glad to know that he did finally look up from his phone toward me when I said, “excuse me.” And wouldn’t you know it, he said “excuse me” also. We had a teachable moment the young lad and I.

The second occurred just a couple of days ago here in the small town that I live in. I stopped by the donut shop on my way to the boot shop. I thought it was a great morning for the diet kolaches and the fat free/low sugar chocolate frosted donuts. Watching my girlish figure you know.

The place was packed and I had to wait in line behind a father and his young son. The father seemed a little cranky (and I know cranky) and the boy was VERY hyper (nuff said). The boy wanted something to drink and of course wanted the large Red Bull, the dad said no. Then he wanted the large Dr. Pepper, the dad said no. The Father said to get a milk and the boy grabbed the large Chocolate. Dad said put it back and get the small white milk. All the while this was happening the kid was bouncing all over the place. Didn’t bother me, he wasn’t my kid, poor dad.

The boy gets milk out of the cooler but he just can’t stand there, no, he starts throwing the milk in air and juggling it from hand to hand. Well, he drops it on the floor. He then picks it up and puts it back into the cooler and gets another. His dad watches him do it but says nothing. The kid does the same thing again, juggle/drop/put it back/get another one. His dad just looks at him and still doesn’t say anything. The kid keeps jumping around, even bumps into the lady in front of them and almost drops the third one. This time dad grabs it from his hand and holds on to it.

The lines moves forward a spot and the dad tells the boy to be still. He does for a few seconds. Now, I am not here to get on the kid about his behavior, he’s a kid, I am just telling you what happened. I personally thought it was pretty crappy that the dad let his kid do that. Not just the jumping around and bad behavior, but the replacing the milk that he dropped with a new. Do you want to drink milk that has been on the floor of the donut shop? And, well, yes, I told the dad that. I said, “You know, when I was a kid, my dad would have made me pay for those milks out of my own money.” And although I didn’t say so, my dad would have made me go wait in the truck and I would have gone with out donuts that day. But that was my dad. The boy and his dad just looked at me and said nothing. Then the father pushed his son along in the line and ignored me.

Now, I am not telling this long winded story only to let you know that I am getting cranky in my old age, but to let you know how it all pertains to the shape of our beloved nation today.

I see the twenty something punk as an example of the current administration and those that support it. Not the average democrat voter but the ideologs that are trying to fundamentally transform this country. It is all about them and what they want. They don’t care about those of us out here that work and build this nation. They don’t care about those that are already here and deserve what they have earned. They only think of themselves and what is in it for them.

They want to push you and me aside and take from us what is ours. They don’t want to work for it. They want what we have and earned and they want to give it to one of their friends. They don’t care about you and me or the constitution, all of which just get in their way. If the American people or the constitution gets in the way, they just try and get around it and us. We can just go to hell.

BHO for instance, people around him claim that he was a constitutional professor. Well, he actually was a part time lecturer, not a teacher much less a professor. He never really had a real job at all. Now he is president.

As for the donut shop milk hustlers, unfortunately, I see them as an example of the people in this country. Not you, but other people I know, you know, the other people that work were you and I do. We want what we want, we want it now and we want what is ours. Although we work hard for what we have, we also have allowed ourselves to become too enabling in our own lives.

The father knew what was the right thing to do at the donut shop, he should have made the boy live with the mess he made with the first milk but he didn’t. Just as we should have righted the messes made by politicians a long time ago. But he didn’t, our parents and grand parents didn’t and like wise, we didn’t spend time dealing with the problem children we sent to office. We just allowed them to keep pushing the messes aside for later and to let someone else deal with it.

Now we have the spoiled milk problems of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, school loans, home loans Fanny and Freddie, farm and business subsidies, money sent to the states for roads and schools, Amtrak, public transportation, public housing, welfare, school lunch programs, the list goes on and on. And all of this is money that just goes to the American people, somewhere or some how. Not to all of us but to some of us.

Where will it stop and where do we start to draw the line in the sand? What will we have to give up to keep this nation from collapsing? I don’t have the answers. But I think we all can come up with them if we are willing to. The whole thing is scary as hell to me with the economy the way it is. What happens if I run out of money or health?

Maybe the text sending punk should have gotten his own door. Maybe the boy should have either not thrown the milk in the air or at least not put it back. Maybe his dad should have made him wait in the car. It is too late for us to wait in the car because we are the ones paying for all of this.

Stay on your elected officials. Tell them to stop the shredding of the constitution and let them know that their careers are on the line. Keep in the fight.


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