Prom Date From Hell


On this day in March 24th 1947, John D Rockefeller Jr. (January 29, 1874 – May 11, 1960) donated land along NYC’s East River as the site for the UN.

Rockefeller Jr. was a committed internationalist and he financially supported programs of the League of Nations, this included a gift to endow a major library for the League in Geneva which today still remains a resource for the UN. He also crucially funded the formation and ongoing expenses of the Council on Foreign Relations and its initial headquarters building, in New York in 1921.

He established the Bureau of Social Hygiene in 1913, a major initiative that investigated such social issues as prostitution and venereal disease, as well as studies in police administration and support for birth control clinics and research. In 1924, at the instigation of his wife, he provided crucial funding for Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) in her pioneering work on birth control and involvement in population issues.(Read: Population Control of Minorities)

Through negotiations by his son Nelson in 1946, he bought for $8.5 million and then donated the land along the East River in Manhattan upon which the United Nations headquarters was built. (That has worked well for us, hasn’t it?)

It seems to me that elitists in Washington and New York have long been involved with the handing over of your and my rights and property to themselves or to the Europeans that or Founding Fathers fought so hard to separate us and our Republic from.

We find our selves in a bit of a quandary today about what has happened to our country and where we are headed. The self appointed elites have decided that now is their time to take as much control of our lives and country as they possibly can and there doesn’t seem to be much that we can do to stop them. And, until the elections in November, there isn’t.

We have to continually press our Republican politicians to stop everything that they possibly can from becoming law. Only they can slow this process down and only we can tell them that is what we want. We are no longer interested in our government “getting things done for the American people”, as Senator McCain has said in the past. We are interested in them, congress stopping anything else from getting done. Enough is enough. We want it all to stop. Republicans can become a big road block to this new law. Even if it will take an act of God to repeal it, if the GOP takes control in November, that can stop it by not funding it. Starve it out.

Now, as most of you know, I have pounded on the Republican Party numerous times about their failure to be conservatives and about the RINO’s that are in the party and the need for them to be driven, kicking and screaming, tarred and feathered from office for their betrayals of the past. I haven’t changed my opinion on that in the least bit. We need to help a number of them retire gently into that good night by getting fresh, undefiled people in their chairs. Right now it is imperative that we get as many Republican’s into office as we possibly can in order to save this nation and the Republic that we love.

I know that we are all sick and tired of being used and betrayed like an unloved prom date by the GOP. They have sweet talked us, telling how much they need us, how much they will do for us and how they really do see things the way we do. All we need to do is give into to them and share our precious vote and they will love us forever. So, we give in to them. The next thing we know, their out high fiveing the buddies, heading off to drink with the bad girls and leaving us beside the road with a torn dress, messy hair and needing a ride home. That is all true and I dare any of them, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Collins and Snowe to prove me wrong.

But, right now, we need them and they need us. The difference this time is that we have awakened. We are all now more worldly wise dates for the Senior Prom this time and not the shy naïve juniors that we once were. We have a date coming up in November and we are the ones calling the shots now. If they want to remain a viable political party, they need to keep their promises and do what they say and dance with the ones that got them there. This is their last chance because if they go back to their cheating ways, they will loose us for ever.

Now is not the time to go looking for another prom date. That night in November is just too near and important to teach them a lesson in this and the next election. I want to encourage all of you out there to get behind a Republican candidate and support them in anyway you can to get them elected. And then, stay on them, call them, e-mail them or do what ever you need to keep them loyal. Keep them on a short leash. But, I think it might be a bad idea to wait out side their offices like a crazy ex. That can get you slapped with a restraining order. At least stay on the side walk.

Patriots carry on and never give up, never give in.


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