I Like Syrup with My Waffles, Do You?

I thought about giving my 2 cents about this story but decided to let it speak for itself. When you hear Tom Coburn, Sen. Oklahoma say this, it makes me wonder if I can trust any Republican. During the health care debate, Coburn has seemed as if he understood you and me, The Tea Party people. But this statement makes me begin to think he is just like the Senators from Texas, they only act like they believe what you and I do if the elections count on it. First the syrup, then the waffle!

I am beginning to think that maybe Coburn, Cornyn, Hutchison, McCain, Graham, Snowe, and Collins are just a bunch of lying elitists just as the Democrats are.
See his statement about us being misled by Fox, I think he thinks you and I are just a bunch of backward redneck a—holes that can’t think for ourselves, just like the Democrats do.
I think most of the Republican Senators are basically the same in their disdain for the American public as the Democrats are.
With just a few exceptions, Republican Senators if let on their own would have voted for the Stimulus 1, just as the Democrats did.
They would have voted for Stimulus 2, the jobs bill, just as the Democrats did.
And I truly believe that if Oby had needed their votes to pass the Health Care Bill treason, they would have given it to him, as the Democrats did.

I am starting to see a trend here, are you? My Republican Patriot friends, you who are involved within the party, please pass along to these people in office that they are pushing us to the limit. You know I have taken the GOP to task a number of times but I have always thought that our only chance to rebuild this Republic and save it from the leftist progressives, was by revamping the GOP. Please tell me if I am wrong but do even half of the Republican Senators of this country even know that WE The PEOPLE own this country? Hummmm? Tell me, please because with Graham pushing for amnasty with the Democrats and now Coburn telling us Pelosi is a good person and we are too stupid to understand the important things of life, I am reaching the end of my support for them at all. My Republican friends, tell me if we have any desent people left in the US Senate besides Jim DeMint.

Here is a transcript of Coburn’s BS!
Tom Coburn wants his constituents to get a more fair and balanced view of politics — even if that means hating a bit on FOX and loving a little on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “What we have to have is make sure we have a debate in this country so that you can see what’s going on and make a determination yourself,” the Oklahoma senator said in remarks to a home-state town hall meeting March 31 that were first reported by Capitol News Connection. “So don’t catch yourself being biased by FOX News that somebody is no good. The people in Washington are good. They just don’t know what they don’t know.”

In particular, Coburn took FOX to task for perpetuating the notion that Americans will be imprisoned for failing to purchase health insurance under the new law. Coburn spokesman John Hart said the Oklahoman wants constituents to gather information from multiple sources rather than relying on just one news outlet. “He makes those comments privately frequently about media networks. I think his point was to encourage citizens to be skeptical consumers. He was not trying to pick on Fox,” Hart said.

And, noting the widely held perception that FOX leans right, Hart said “It’s more credible to critique your own side.” Coburn’s defense of Pelosi — he called her “a nice lady” — elicited a little bit of disapproval from his constituents, according to Capitol News Connection.

While the two lawmakers share little ground on policy, Hart says his boss’s philosophy holds that “you separate the ideas from the individuals.”
Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0410/35446.html#ixzz0kYeEXHPL

Waffles anyone?


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  1. Apparently Paul Ryan is a progressive too, I had such hopes for him

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