I am Tired Of Being Angry, Are You?

Fellow combatants in the cause of freedom, it has been a very long battle so far hasn’t it? It looks as if the battle will continue on in some form or another for quite sometime if we are going to be able to free ourselves of those that would take our freedoms. I have come to realize that this fight was needed long before President Obama was elected.

I was born in 1961, and looking back in time through the clarity that history affords, see that those who were are parents, grandparents and great grandparents should have taken it upon themselves to stop the erosion of our constitution and our freedoms long ago. But, I know it was a different time and place and that most people in this country were grossly uninformed of what was going on and who was doing it. They spent their time building families and this great nation of ours.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired. I spend my days building my life around my family and the way I have decided to make my living. I am physically tired from my work. I am tired because of the years and miles I have put myself through, more the miles than the years I have to admit. I am tired because of this battle we find ourselves in to save what we believe is nations future. Are you?

On Saturday, I attended another 912 group meeting. It was an informative get together where we discussed where we have been and plotted a plan to move forward. Worth the time and effort to go and meet with like minded people just like you. I spent a good part of the last two days trying deciding what I wanted to do.

What I really figured out was that I am tired of being angry. I have been working on a business venture that includes putting my business into another town in this part of Texas that is historically famous for the type of work that I do. I had a meeting planned with the person in charge of the economic development for the city and county to discuss my proposal to them and my investor. The man forgot we had a meeting and left to do something in another city. I was more than angry, I was P O’d. More than I should have been and for longer than I should have been. I realized that all this anger was getting to me. Time for a change.

Sometimes I listen to the other side’s opinion on the radio. As I spend hours in my drive to and from the other shop and when I am feeling brave I listen to what they have to say. A good part of it is loonie tunes time. No offence meant to the good bunny Bug’s. One thing I have noticed about them is that they feel the same way as we do. Now granted, their still mad at the last President and his people and we are mad now. They say the same thing about you and me as we say about them. One thing I thought of today is if they left out names, we could record it and play it at one of our meetings. Strange, huh?

Now don’t anybody panic, I am not leaving the fight. I am just going to take a different trail. I am tired of being mad. I have been angry at what has happened in government for a longer time than just the current administration.

I was made at President Carter and for the path he took our country. I can’t remember anything I liked about his term in office or about his policies. Looking back, his whole time there seems to have accomplished nothing except weakening our country.

With President Reagan, I was happy I have to admit. I am sure there were things that I would not have agreed with if I were as involved with it all as I now am. But, I think his Presidency was good for our nation and for the world.

President George H.W. Bush, I have a lot of mixed feelings about him. I personally have a great deal of respect and admiration for him but there were a number of things that never felt right during his time. Not finishing Saddam the first time for one. I know the complications involved politically for him, but still, not happy. His pushing the New World Order and NAFTA was a real problem for me. Especially the N.O.W. Why did he want that?

President Clinton? I think he would have been a fun guy to have beers with but I rarely ever agreed with him about anything policy wise. If the change hadn’t happened in Congress then, who knows what he would have done to further the demise of our country. A few things we know for sure, he managed to come close to balancing the budget, “It depends on what the meaning of is, is”, and that what people have thought of as a sexual act wasn’t. That last one is proved by listening to people who were teens during his administration and what they think the meaning of sex is.

President George W. Bush. Aw, Dubya, my Dubya! Once again, just as his father, I personally loved a lot of what he did as President. But, geeze, the spending, the border, NAFTA slight return, working with Kennedy, and seemingly giving up on what we elected him for in 2006 with the midterms going Donkey Party. Still even with his faults, I still like Dubya.

Now President Obama. What can I say, I saw it all coming but honestly, he has far exceeded my expectations from him. The one thing I just can’t figure out about his Presidency is when and how did our government become a one branch system? It is amazing to me that he can come into town, even before he took office, as president elect and everybody just gives in to him. Congress does not even matter at this point. Amazing! It kind of reminds me of those that went to jail or ended their careers for President Clinton.

I called into a liberal progressive national radio show today and spoke to the host on the air. I didn’t know what to expect because the host refers to themselves as a progressive. I wanted them to know that everything they hear about us, (you know, that we’re fascist, racist, Nazi’s) about Tea Party, or conservatives, or Glenn Beck fans isn’t true. I told them that we are just tired of things being taken from us, our freedoms, property and money. I told the host that we want as little involvement of government in our lives as possible but still maintaining a polite society. We had a polite conversation and agreed on something’s but we have different ways of thinking. I was surprised.

But it made me think even more about just how tired I am of being mad. BUT, I am not going to let up in my efforts to bring our Republic back to the Constitution. That is the only way we can survive. Please read and learn what the Constitution meant to those that put it together. It is surprising sometimes to actually see how much we haven’t learned about it and them and see where we have been wrong in our own thinking. Keep up the fight my fellow compatriots because we will win the day if we stand firmly on the truth of the Constitution and hold our government accountable to it. Other wise, there are only two other outcomes, subjugation or revolution.


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