Jack! Rose! Jack! Rose!

Tea Party Patriots were out in mass today all across this great nation of ours. Thousands and thousand s of you were exercising your constitutional right to freedom and speech and assembly. And all of you true Patriots did it without violence, racism and rioting.

You have awakened and you won’t be lulled back to sleep as you once were. The problems that our nation faces can not be solved by the people in Washington. As every day passes it becomes more and more obvious that they are even less competent they we gave them credit for being.

Today they thumbed their noses at us again by passing an extension to the unemployment benefits. Now I am not trying to be heartless here but some people have been on it for almost a year and a half or more. Isn’t that a little more akin to welfare instead of unemployment? I know that it hurts peoples feelings to say they are on welfare, but, isn’t it?

Those in the administration and in both houses of Congress think that the good ship U.S. America is unsinkable. They think that no matter how much they spend, it won’t matter. President Obama signs bills that double the entire national debt and then turns around and tells us he is cutting spending. Congress adds a trillion dollars to the budget and says it saves us money. They think that there are no consequences to their reckless disregard of the truth, the truth that we are broke and headed for disaster.

The mountain of debt that faces our Republic looms in the distance like a gigantic iceberg. Shrouded in mist, fog and darkness, it stands ready to rip the side out of our nation’s economy. It is so large that there may be nothing that will stop it from sinking all of us if we don’t change course now. Not later.

The elected officials seem to think that our nation is too big to fail. That it is unsinkable. Really? Is it? While our government continues to play the same sad song that they have played over and over, partying on with our money and treasure, the icy cold waters of foreign owned debt are dragging us under. Would we really be the first great empire that disappeared into history, sinking below the waves of time, lost forever?

While you were out protesting today, President Obama addressed a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Miami. In his usual way of belittling everything you are doing, he said, “they should be saying thank you” because of the tax cuts he has signed into law. Really, tax cuts? He went on to say that he was “amused” by the Tax Day Tea Party rallies. He continued to dare Republicans to run on a platform of repealing healthcare reform, telling the audience “they won’t be very successful.”

In his mind, his ship is unstoppable, unsinkable and invincible. He plunges headlong into the fog that neither he nor his supporters seem to notice much less care about. The President and first lady Michelle reported more than $5.5 million in adjusted gross income last year. It is a party for them. Unlike Jack and Rose, they are enjoying the good life for a time, they push the ship faster and faster toward the iceberg ahead, not noticing or caring about you and me, locked below deck by the chains of their making.

Today in history, April 15th 1912, The RMS Titanic sunk at 2:27 AM off the coast of Newfoundland after hitting an iceberg as band played on. Like the band, those in Washington don’t seem to have a clue or seem worried about it. They just want to play the song over and over again and think everything will be alright.

Man the lifeboats fellow passengers. Change the crew before we sink. Keep up the fight.


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