The President says that words have meaning.

President Obama made it clear that words mean something. The words spoken in this political climate in fact do mean something. But that meaning is sometimes obscured by the political fog that surrounds just about every issue and topic.

For example, the following shows just how obscured the meaning can be.
“A soldier had to desert his tasty dessert while eating it in the desert. He had to polish his Polish rifle. Having been injured, he earlier had wound a bandage around his wound. Before, he had tried to wind it but the wind was to strong. He entered the medic’s office but was too close to the door to close it. After entering, the Doctor chose to subject the subject to insurance questions and found that the insurance was invalid for the invalid.”

Words do have meanings but in truth, it only matters when the meaning is what one wants it to be. Liberals call conservatives Fascists when conservatives protest the socialist policies of the Liberals. But is truth, the real Fascists were socialists. Remember Nazi Germany.

Liberals sometimes refer to dictators and communists as “Freedom Fighters” and “Men of the people” but refer to American soldiers and the previous President as murderers and baby killers. But in fact, freedom fighters such as Mao, Stalin, Castro and Che have indeed murdered millions including babies while the American military has fought for the freedom of hundreds of millions of people world wide.

Right leaning Conservatives refer to foreign born citizens as immigrants when they have come here legally. They refer to persons from the same country of origin that are here illegally as “Illegal Aliens. Left leaning Liberals refer to all the above as Immigrants, period.

Conservatives do indeed sometimes think the worst of their counterparts on the Left. You will be hard pressed to find any Tea Party members that think President Obama is anything less than a Socialist if not a Communist. They also can be guilty of expecting the worst from Liberals. When the Speaker of the House says, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it,” those on the Right see it as a grab for power being shielded by the Congress and President by the enormity of it’s size and rush to pass it.

Words do have meaning. The meanings are in reality what the speaker wants them to mean. President Clinton said, “It depends on what the meaning of IS, is”, when we all knew exactly what IS meant. The Liberals refer to Tea Party members as “teabaggers” and they most assuredly know what that means.

Words have meanings and there really is a true meaning to them. They just get mixed up and turned on end at the convenience of the user. A few things to remember never park in on the parkway and never drive on the driveway. Some people have feet that smell and noses that run and while a wise man and a wise guy are two different things, we are all Americans, Left, Right, Liberal and Conservative.


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