Today’s rant, a rant writ fur a rat

People have long said that pictures tell us a thousand words about the subject at hand. There was recently a very conspicuous example of just such a truth.

The President is usually a long winded fellow when he gives speeches or interviews, especially if he can talk about him self.

Obama just loves to hear himself speak and he really loves to talk about himself more than anything. By the end of September 2009, in 41 speeches, which did not including his big speech at the United Nations, B. Hussein Obama has talked about himself 1,198 to be exact. You can break it down to 1,121 “I”s and 77 “me”s.

During his speech to school children on September 8, 2009, he used 56 iterations of “I”. In January, 2010, at speech to American’s for Prosperity he did it 132 times, in one speech.

In June of 2009, at his speech to Muslim’s in Cairo Egypt, most notable for his saying, “I’m also proud to carry…greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: Assalaamu alaykum”, he also said, “E pluribus unum, “Out of many, one.” Did he think that the one at the end of that was meant for him, “The One”. Actually, the speech is a pretty good speech and it is quite telling about his view of the world and I would recommend that you all read it sometime. It is a little long and after reading all these speeches for this rant, “I” was getting a little cross-eyed. “I” did count 59 I’s & Me’s though.

The point of this whole thing is that maybe, just maybe, the American people are getting a little tired of these long winded wind bags in Washington. The evidence is shown here in the picture. Even the little furry critter had decided that he’d had enough and beat a hasty retreat.

Advice to those in Washington, Democrats give it a break and “listen” to the people for a change. Republicans, listen to the people and speak out against this government encroachment into our daily lives and into every aspect of it.

A running rat revealed as a repercussion regarding the repeated repetitive repertoire of the regal rat’s relapse into the redundancy of “I”. If the rat can’t take, should we?

Rant writ fur a rat

A Rant writ fur a rat


Oh yea, well your a racist too!

President Obama hates white people! He hates anybody in this country that is successful in their own business! He is doing his best to take everything that white Americans have made here in America and is going to give it to blacks that don’t work, live on welfare and sponge off of the working white people here in America.

Not only that, but he is a closeted Muslim extremist that is trying to undermine our nation as well as the nation of Israel. He is dropping our country’s military defenses so low and leaving our borders wide open so that Americans can be murdered by the thousands in a terror incident so he can declare an emergency and take all of the firearms that are owned by American citizens!

People that voted for him are either,
# 1, complete idiots
# 2, Racist blacks that hate America
# 3, Racist Blacks that hate whites
# 4, Communists wanting to destroy our freedom

Mexicans coming across our southern border are trying to take over America. They are coming here, living off the tax dollars paid by white Americans. They live on welfare, free health care, free food and government housing. Any money they make they send back to Mexico.

Just couple more things, Asians drive like crap, the Irish are drunks, and yes, those jeans make you look fat!

All of these statements sound pretty stupid when you put it all together don’t they? While some of them maybe not true, partly true or completely true, there is very little chance that they are all true to the fullest extent

The same can be said about the people, cities, states and nations that are calling the people of Arizona racists because of the states recent immigration law. By saying such a thing, everyone on the left wing, liberal progressive side is sounding just as stupid as the statements made above.

Do they really believe that there are only white supremacists, brown skin hating Nazi’s on the Arizona police forces? Do they really believe that all Arizonians should be sitting on the porch playing banjos till a poor unsuspecting Mexican crosses into America where they beat, torture murder and rape them?

If you believe the rhetoric coming from these people and being bolstered by the current regime in Washington, you would then have to believe that is what the American people are. I don’t feel like a racist, do you?

It is a fact that all of us in one from or another have a prejudice or two. Maybe even a few more than that. But for the most part, our prejudices are usually based in tradition, lack of understanding, things we were taught by others and not having known someone with who are prejudices are about. Usually, these types of thought patterns are destroyed when we encounter and become friends with people from differing backgrounds and our former belief are gone forever and replaced by enlightenment and a richer, fuller life for ourselves.

Although the President stands in sharp contrast to the traditional beliefs and goals for our nation than most of the conservatives and probably most who consider themselves liberals, there is no evidence that he does indeed want the worst for our country. He instead has a different way of believing where our Republic should go. We should fight against that because for the average citizen, being a citizen of the world does not trump being an American.

As for our Mexican brothers and sisters to the south, most come here looking for a better way of life. So did our family members at one time. Their children, if not them become part of the American success story, speaking English, working hard and raising their own families, being Americans.

African-Americans are just as important to the success our Republic as the rest of us. There are many great stories throughout our nations history that show that we, as Americans need them as fellow citizens of this, The Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth, to help it continue to succeed. Just for one, remember Crispus Attucks.

He was a former slave and dock worker, who was killed by British soldiers along with four other men in 1770 in the Boston Massacre. Today, there is a statue on Boston Common commemorating his patriotism and love of his country.

Oh, by the way, have you ever been to a St. Paddy’s Day party? Something’s can be true at times. But never, do those jeans make you look fat.

President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Dueling Banjos

Change and a visit from the Mexican President

Sometimes the way things change is pretty amazing.

Sometimes they change quickly, like every time you buy a new mobile phone, music player or computer. You get all excited with your new purchase and hurry home to hook it all up, only to get an upgrade message the first time you turn it on. It doesn’t matter at all if you bought the top of the line. it is in reality just part of the line.

Sometimes things change slowly like your home town or a favorite vacation spot. It all seems similar but the plants are different, there might be another house or one may be missing. But still, change has come.

On May 19th, 1848 our neighbor to the south, Mexico gave their northern territory of Texas to the United States helping to bring an end to the Mexican–American War. Or as Mi’ Amigo’s like to say, invasión estadounidense de México (American Invasion of Mexico.

After the United States declared war on Mexico, the deposed former President and Dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna returned to power in Mexico to fight against the US. After promising that he didn’t want power, just military service to Mexico, he reneged on all of his promises to both the US and to Mexico, ceased power and became a Dictator again.

After it was all over, the United States gained through war and monetary purchase, the lands that are now Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. It only cost the US in cash, $18,250,000 ($457,373,077 today) and the U.S. agreed to cover $3.25-million ($81,450,000 today) in debts that the Mexican government owed to U.S. citizens. Oh, and there was also the cost of the war at $100 million and the lives of 13,780 U.S. military personnel

Today, in a beautifully orchestrated ceremony on the lawn of our nation’s capital, our glorious leader and some would say, would be dictator himself chose today of all days to start returning the favor to Mexico. Joining hands with his soul mate from across our open southern border, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and two of them blasted the State of Arizona for its controversial immigration law. Obama called the legislation a “misdirected effort” and Calderon called it “discriminatory.”

Does the former community organizer realize that he is President of the United States? You would think that riding in the big blue jet and spending his work week nights in the White House would remind him.

When will he ever say anything good about our Republic and the people that have made it great? All of you Obama voters out there, is this the kind of President that you really wanted? It is understandable that you wanted anyone one but BUSH, but really, is this man truly your guy?

Our country is changing so rapidly now that it is almost impossible for us all to keep up with everything that this administration is doing to give away our nations wealth, opportunities and freedom.

Is this the Hope and Change you were wanting? Is it working out well for you? There is a huge gap between the rhetoric former candidate and the current leader of the regime in what he said and what he has done. We need change we truly can believe in and not some polished politician that only sees the American tax payer as his piggy bank to the world.

Is our leader the beginning or the end?

One thing that can be said by all points of views along the political spectrum is that Barack Hussein Obama is different from any other President the United States has ever had. Those that love him and those that hate him and everyone one else in between would have to agree with that statement.

Those that adore and worship at the alter of the former community organizer and part time guest lecturer from Harvard can find absolutely nothing, nada, zip wrong with this man. It doesn’t matter what those on the right try and tell them, they are bought in, line, hook and sinker. His message of Hope and Change resonated so deeply in their psyche that they are unable to see past his glaring faults and never will.

Then there are those that like him and agree with his policies and his pushing of the far left, progressive, liberal Democrat agenda because it is one and the same with their own. They follow him in lock step because he is leading them where they want to go. They won’t deviate from his leading because there is no reason to.

Others simply just wanted something and someone else besides BUSH. The Bush hating left is stuck in their position because they wagered everything on B. Hussein Obama and his rise to stardom before and during the election. Most still supported him even after the election until his policies and legislative push revealed to them the real aims and goals of this man, whom they knew nothing about but helped get elected because of their hate of President George W. Bush. How is that working for them now? Badly would be the guess.

Then there are those that wanted to vote for the first African American President of the United States. For those that are of that racial back ground, it is understandable. Understandable if they didn’t have conservative, pro life and small government beliefs. But some, even with said beliefs voted along racial lines anyway. Right? Wrong? Who is to say that if every President before President Obama had been an African American or let’s say, a Muslim or even a Hispanic Woman that a good portion of the White Male Christian voters out there would have voted for them, just to feel like they had a say in something finally.

Then there is the other side. Those on that other side are a mixture of people. Some are similar to the Bush haters in that any and everything that the very inexperienced President wants, they are against it. There are those that are stanch Republicans and others that are mainly Conservatives and still others that didn’t wake up regarding American politics until they became afraid of the government and its take over of so much. They are now coming out in droves at Tea Parties and Town Halls letting their voices be heard against the ruination of this great republic.

The truth is, all of them aren’t seeing the real truth about this man that has been occupying the White House for the last year and a half. The truth is he is completely different than any one in that residence ever before. Not only is he mixed race, even if he refers to himself as African American, but he is most importantly Post Modern in his fundamental beliefs.

The Postmodern philosophy is mistrusting and skeptical towards the values and beliefs of the modern world. Things like the belief that humans are more important and valuable than animals or that one form of government, say Capitalism verses Communism, is better than the other or even the belief in God, are major nihilistic tenants of the postmodern thought process. The writings of Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche, just to name a couple will let you know just how foreign this mind set is to the conservative, God and country loving citizen.

Barack Hussein Obama was born to a white atheistic mother and a black African Muslim father. He was influenced by his Muslim step father and Muslim schooling in Indonesia and later raised by his grand parents. He is totally post modern in all of his beliefs. His policies show this world view. His words, when spoken to those he feels are fellow believers, say everything you would need to hear to believe this as fact.

That is the basic problem when trying to understand and deal with this man and his fundamental changing of America. Conservatives and Tea Party people are looking at him through their own vision of what is right. He sees the world differently.

All of his policies are based on the fact that Occidental, white, Christian, affluent, racist men have had control too long. All of their policies, beliefs and governance are wrong and he is going to change as much as possible.

President Obama exhibits his progressive liberal mind in everything he says and does. The Stimulus, bailouts, corporations and banking takeovers, health care, bowing to foreign leaders, insulting our allies like Briton, turning against our allies like Israel, has been done for the expressed purpose of removing the historical standards that built not only America, but all of western culture and philosophy.

Postmodernism exhibits the progressive liberal victimization ideology that everything is a struggle between class, race, gender, religion and philosophy. Societal norms and absolute truths and society’s normality’s are misplaced and out of date. Obama believes all of this. This is the Hope and Change he promised and that so many who voted for never understood.

We on the right have got to change our approach to stopping this agenda. We constantly get caught up in the “Bataille de la journée”. We fight the daily battles that they have picked in order to keep us occupied instead of fighting those we pick. We have to stop or the fight will be over. It is a little like punishing your dog for getting in your trash can only to find out later it was a bear, after he has eaten the dog.

We have been caught up in the “He is a Socialist!” fight but that isn’t the problem. He doesn’t want our American government running everything, he wants there to be NO government of the United States. He believes it is time for this society to give the rest of the world its due by getting out of the way and giving its wealth and resources to others, particularly, non-white, non-English, non-Christian, non-patriarchal peoples all over the world.

Change your vision and see what is happening through the minds of those we are trying to stop and keep up the fight.

Children of our Mothers, we bless them all.


Yesterday was Mothers day, 2010. I hope that you all had a wonderful day honoring the mothers in your lives and the mothers that have passed on and live in your memories now. The world would quickly dissolve into chaos and ruin if it were not for the mothers of the world and I honor ever woman that is, was or will ever be a kind and loving mother. They make our world livable.

Today I want to deviate a little from the norm and spend this rant talking about the blessing that is a Mom. I for one man am so overwhelmingly bless in the mother department. Not only am I, at the age of 49 still blessed with having both of my parents alive, well and full of vigor, but I truly have a remarkable mother. Although she rarely reads any of my writings, I do so hope that she reads this one as I dedicate it to her for making the man I am today.

From my earliest memories my mother has been there for me. She has filled my life with love and always been the kind shoulder to lean on or the soft voice on the telephone that encouraged and carried me onward.

My mom didn’t have a good childhood as compared to the one that I enjoyed. A product of a divorced home, disconnected mother, absent father and overly stern step father, she did however become a mother herself that any son would be proud of and blessed by.

She and I and our complete nuclear family have not only been close while growing and maturing but we have become and remain very close friends now as well. Although tough and strong when she needed to be, she did raise three sons after all, she has always been the voice of reason and tenderness. She fulfilled her role as a buffer between the world and her babies superbly.

As all fathers that love their sons are, my dad was a great dad and very loving. He was also the one that taught the three of us the ways of dealing with the world and was the strong hand of discipline that stood behind my mom. Mom was the cushion that we boys fell on when the lessons and rebukes of our father fell heavily upon our respective childhood back sides and a buffer between dad and his three teenage young bulls fighting for their own standing in the herd. As always, she performed that duty splendidly. Remarkably well actually and I thank and salute her for it.

My parents are strong and healthy and active today. We came close to losing my dad last fall. He has recovered completely from his accident and is back to working as he was before, still working at 79 and still the same dad. All through that time, my loving mother, his wife, partner, friend and companion of now 52 years was there. Beside him.

What it truly made me understand completely is the large part of my life that they both are and how totally unprepared I am for the eventually separation that will be coming. Even now, 800 miles apart, they are still there for me to talk to and I still need them. I have close friends that have lost one or both of their parents and I feel for them more deeply now than ever before. Moms are the true glue that holds families together and no family is the same without them. I love you mom.

I am also blessed with a fantastic mother in law. She is a rock very similar in all aspects as my own dear mother. Strong and firm on the outside with the soft caring heart inside that makes a wonderful mom. She raised her four children well along with her husband and both are still here for us to see and talk to.

Jane was a little wary of me when I first met her almost ten years ago now. Her daughter had a ten year old son and had gotten her life back on track after a divorce. I still had my long hair that I had worn since high school and during my heavy metal drummer days and she, as would be expected was a little concerned at first contact. We have becoming very close and I love her dearly and I know she loves me as well.

I told her yesterday before we left their home that I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the privilege of marrying her daughter and first grandchild. Her daughter, my wife is one of the greatest mothers I have ever met, more on that in a second. I thanked her for making me a part of their family and for being the person that she is. She thanked me back for loving her daughter and grandson but the honor and blessing is really mine. I love you Jane.

Most importantly, I am fully blessed in life for my true love. The heart and soul of my life is my beautiful, wonderful bride Amy. She has given me, through sharing her son with me, the opportunity to be a dad that I would not have had if she hadn’t blessed me by marrying me.

She is a mother in the same frame as both hers and my own. She is steady and firm, a true Gibraltar for her son to rely on. She has raised her son Jarod to be a fine and wonderful son who will be going to the United States Marine Corps boot camp in California after graduating in mere weeks from now.

She is a truly remarkable mother. She has been there, standing strong since before I met her, raising her boy up to be polite, courteous and caring to and for the people around him. She is very strong when it is needed to corral a maverick son that is starting to deviate in his straight and narrow path but is always soft when her baby boy needs a shoulder to cry on.

She is quicker to discipline than I usually am and she is sometimes tougher in her discipline than I would have been. But I see things from the point of view of a former teenage boy and as we all know, that view has never been the smartest vantage point, has it? As with most dad’s, I usually let the boy slide until I am really angry and then let him have it. She tempers that by being the release valve.

She is also the caring and loving mother I know of today. Her son IS her life. Her son IS her love and he is such a part of her very being that I can’t imagine life without her being the great mom that she is. She always thinks about what is best for him, whether that is a kiss and a hug or a grounding that takes away every privilege in his life except reading, eating and sleeping. Her groundings would be horrific to most teens today. But always in it, she is there to love him and love him she does. I love you Amy.

The world is a tough and uncaring place. It is only out to take and use us for what it wants. Mothers, moms and mommies are placed here by God, our Heavenly Father to protect us and guide us through it. Without our moms, it would be impossible for any of us to make it through life without being a walking open wound. They dry our tears, blow softly upon the cuts, scrapes and bruises, doctor us and finally place a soft bandage upon it, kiss us on the forehead and tells we are loved. Now go out there and be the person I have made you to be.

I thank and honor not just the moms in my life, but every mother that has lived or will live. You are all what makes the world go around. Bless you.

Why Texans aren’t racists when you say they are.

Texas is a great place to live. The people are friendly and the state affords everyone in the opportunity to grow and prosper, whether financially or personally. It is just a great place to live.

Most Texans are also open to the idea of people moving into our state to better their lives and futures for themselves and their children. After all, it really wasn’t that long ago that Texas became first a Republic and then a state with people moving in from all over.

Texans are willing to share their state with others that are willing to work hard and treat others with the same respect that they are shown. This is the problem that is causing all of the fervor in this Immigration Reform debate. The people of America, the natural born citizens and also those that have become citizens are sick and tired of being called Racists, Nazi’s, Hate mongers and everything else under the sun, just because we want a secure border and people to follow the rules about entering this country.

Everyday when conservative God fearing citizens of this country wake up, someone or some group is calling them something degrading and they aren’t going to take it anymore. There are a few questions that need to be answered before a civilized and respectful debate can occur.

1.Why is it that if a white person says that people should have to work for a living, they are racist?
2.Why is it that if a white person says “I don’t want my taxes to be this high”, it is racist?
3.Why is it that if a white person says “I believe this President is taking control of too many things in this country”, it is racist?
4.Why is it that if a white person is concerned that thousands of people are crossing into or country everyday smuggling drugs, terrorists and illegal aliens it is racist?

These are just a few things to have brought the American public to disrespect the country’s elected officials, the main stream media, the civil rights pimps like Sharpton and Jackson, the school system and now, the pushers of amnesty for illegal aliens. All of these groups call average, everyday hard working, family loving Americans racists.

A few case in points for you.
1.Sppring Texas, Klein Collins High School, displayed the Mexican flag prominently over a upside down American flag. When a student removed the Mexican flag, he was suspended.
2.Arizona Rancher Rob Krantz was murdered by the drug cartel on his ranch a month ago.
3.School Administrators at a California high school sent five students home on Wednesday after they refused to remove their American flag T-shirts, garments the school officials deemed “incendiary” on Cinco de Mayo.
4.President Barack Hussein Obama calls American citizens that exercise their constitutional rights a degrading and derogatory gay sex act.

This is enough to see just why the American public has had it. They realize now that the Progressive, liberal, left wing groups are out to fundamentally change our great state and Republic into something similar to Europe. They want to spread the wealth of working Americans and Texans and give it to those that haven’t worked for it. They want to take land and property and rights that Texans and Americans have fought, worked and died for and give it to another group of people that haven’t, just to get the votes to stay in power.

It is all about the votes of up 20 million newly minted legals that they care about. They don’t care spite about them otherwise as persons, just as votes. Period. Those that are out there protesting, caring Mexican flags, burning American flags, rioting and calling average Americans racist had better understand that point. Those that are pushing for amnesty are only interested in keeping you under their control, not your freedom.

And that is what it truly comes down to doesn’t? Governor Rick Perry has sometimes strayed from his true conservative roots but has returned to his base since the new administration assumed power in DC. The last 1 ½ years have shown without a doubt the true beliefs of those on the far left and their desire to turn this nation into something else.

Most importantly, it has shown us that their truly is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. It has shown us that the Democratic Party of Roosevelt that our grandparents and parents belonged to is gone and is never returning. Any Democrat is a Democrat and they will follow lock step with their leaders in taking this country and state down into the socialist utopia that they wanted for over a 100 years.

Texans are open and caring people and they welcome those that want better lives here in Texas and America but they want everyone on a level playing field and everyone supporting them selves. Texans will give you a hand up, but their not going to allow the government to take from them and just give it to you without a fight.

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