Immigration Reform or a free pass for Illegal Aliens.

The hot political topic today is the fight for and against Immigration Reform. The Progressive Liberal Left wants and is pushing for amnesty for all illegal’s that are here on American soils. The Conservative Right is for clamping down on the border and rounding up any and all persons that are not here legally, even if their visas are only a day passed their legal stay here. Right? Well, maybe not so right.

Ron and Maria are a married couple living in the Hill Country area of Texas. Ron is a utility contractor and a former Marine. Maria is a home maker and cleaning service owning small business woman and a former illegal from the heart of Mexico.

Ron and Maria met 10 years ago. Over the years they became a couple and later married. One of the top priorities for them both was for Maria to become a legal American citizen. She returned to Mexico, received a visa and green card and fought her way through the bewildering maze that is the legal channels of immigration for over 6 years before becoming a citizen earlier this year.

One of the frequent replies to the immigration topic for former President George W. Bush was that, “these people are here to do jobs that Americans don’t want to do”. Conservatives on the right have said from the beginning that the statement is not true.

As a contractor, Ron has found out that the statement is quite true on a number of occasions. He has always, as have others in the construction business, found it extremely difficult to attract and find qualify people to staff his business. He has had to turn to those of Hispanic descent to fill his work force needs. Because of his company’s size and work locations, he has always adhered to the hiring policies step forth by the government but has rarely found a non-Hispanic worker wanting to enter the construction trade.

Another contractor in North Texas, after working here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area has said that he rarely has had an opportunity to hire a non-Hispanic worker in the building trade. “After working here since 1989, I can almost count the young white guys that I have used on both my hands”, he said. “It is a little different in the larger, commercial work. You have non-Hispanic in the office and supervisory positions but as for the manual labor, it is at least 90 percent Hispanic.”

Ron, Maria and the other contractor all want to see border security increased. They all want to stop the rising tide of illegal’s coming here across the southern border of the United States. Maria wants it secured not just for the safety of American citizens but also to save the lives of countless Mexican’s that see that border as a tempting path to a better life. They take that path only to find a cruel desert crossing, vicious drug and human smuggling Coyote’s and a struggle to find shelter once here.

Everyone wants a better life for themselves and their families. Everyone in the United States of America knows that our great nation and Republic has been built on the blood, sweat, tears and laughter of immigrants in the past. We Americans also know that our future includes the continued welcoming of immigrants to this land, the greatest nation on God’s green earth, to help our country grow and prosper.

The borders of our country have to be closed and have to be closed now to keep us all safe and free. But that doesn’t mean we have to spend the time, effort and money to close down restaurants, meat packing plants and construction companies because they have some undocumented workers there does it?

Sure, give them a fine, make them get their papers and visa’s in order and make them get on the path to citizenship. With a closed border, we can stop, arrest, prosecute and deport anyone caught in the act of smuggling drugs and people across the border. If any of those here illegally do something against the law and get arrested, then do what is necessary, whether it is citizenship, prison or deportation.

There are those of you out there that will say, “They already have broken the law by being here illegally,” and you are correct. They have. But let’s be sensible, can you really see our government rounding them all up and sending them home? What has our government ever done, except fight a war that was efficient?

We need these people to help our country succeed. Given the opportunity, most would welcome the chance to become citizens. Sure some will not want that and will continue to send money home but that isn’t that big of a problem if they are doing it legally is it? Plenty of persons from other nations have been working here since we began as a people and they have helped build it to its super power status. So can those from south of our border.

There are those that fear those from other countries will change the unique qualities that make the United States what it is by not integrating into the American melting pot. That is a good point. Let me just say this, Maria’s son, Ron step son not only now speaks English as his first language but he also continues to speak fluent Spanish and has added French. Every year in school he held an A or A+ average and was usually first in his class, every class. He has also won countless spelling bees, all in English.

Ron and Maria and their family are a success story, an American success story.
Mitzie Nunez AP/Chris Carlson


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