Children of our Mothers, we bless them all.


Yesterday was Mothers day, 2010. I hope that you all had a wonderful day honoring the mothers in your lives and the mothers that have passed on and live in your memories now. The world would quickly dissolve into chaos and ruin if it were not for the mothers of the world and I honor ever woman that is, was or will ever be a kind and loving mother. They make our world livable.

Today I want to deviate a little from the norm and spend this rant talking about the blessing that is a Mom. I for one man am so overwhelmingly bless in the mother department. Not only am I, at the age of 49 still blessed with having both of my parents alive, well and full of vigor, but I truly have a remarkable mother. Although she rarely reads any of my writings, I do so hope that she reads this one as I dedicate it to her for making the man I am today.

From my earliest memories my mother has been there for me. She has filled my life with love and always been the kind shoulder to lean on or the soft voice on the telephone that encouraged and carried me onward.

My mom didn’t have a good childhood as compared to the one that I enjoyed. A product of a divorced home, disconnected mother, absent father and overly stern step father, she did however become a mother herself that any son would be proud of and blessed by.

She and I and our complete nuclear family have not only been close while growing and maturing but we have become and remain very close friends now as well. Although tough and strong when she needed to be, she did raise three sons after all, she has always been the voice of reason and tenderness. She fulfilled her role as a buffer between the world and her babies superbly.

As all fathers that love their sons are, my dad was a great dad and very loving. He was also the one that taught the three of us the ways of dealing with the world and was the strong hand of discipline that stood behind my mom. Mom was the cushion that we boys fell on when the lessons and rebukes of our father fell heavily upon our respective childhood back sides and a buffer between dad and his three teenage young bulls fighting for their own standing in the herd. As always, she performed that duty splendidly. Remarkably well actually and I thank and salute her for it.

My parents are strong and healthy and active today. We came close to losing my dad last fall. He has recovered completely from his accident and is back to working as he was before, still working at 79 and still the same dad. All through that time, my loving mother, his wife, partner, friend and companion of now 52 years was there. Beside him.

What it truly made me understand completely is the large part of my life that they both are and how totally unprepared I am for the eventually separation that will be coming. Even now, 800 miles apart, they are still there for me to talk to and I still need them. I have close friends that have lost one or both of their parents and I feel for them more deeply now than ever before. Moms are the true glue that holds families together and no family is the same without them. I love you mom.

I am also blessed with a fantastic mother in law. She is a rock very similar in all aspects as my own dear mother. Strong and firm on the outside with the soft caring heart inside that makes a wonderful mom. She raised her four children well along with her husband and both are still here for us to see and talk to.

Jane was a little wary of me when I first met her almost ten years ago now. Her daughter had a ten year old son and had gotten her life back on track after a divorce. I still had my long hair that I had worn since high school and during my heavy metal drummer days and she, as would be expected was a little concerned at first contact. We have becoming very close and I love her dearly and I know she loves me as well.

I told her yesterday before we left their home that I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the privilege of marrying her daughter and first grandchild. Her daughter, my wife is one of the greatest mothers I have ever met, more on that in a second. I thanked her for making me a part of their family and for being the person that she is. She thanked me back for loving her daughter and grandson but the honor and blessing is really mine. I love you Jane.

Most importantly, I am fully blessed in life for my true love. The heart and soul of my life is my beautiful, wonderful bride Amy. She has given me, through sharing her son with me, the opportunity to be a dad that I would not have had if she hadn’t blessed me by marrying me.

She is a mother in the same frame as both hers and my own. She is steady and firm, a true Gibraltar for her son to rely on. She has raised her son Jarod to be a fine and wonderful son who will be going to the United States Marine Corps boot camp in California after graduating in mere weeks from now.

She is a truly remarkable mother. She has been there, standing strong since before I met her, raising her boy up to be polite, courteous and caring to and for the people around him. She is very strong when it is needed to corral a maverick son that is starting to deviate in his straight and narrow path but is always soft when her baby boy needs a shoulder to cry on.

She is quicker to discipline than I usually am and she is sometimes tougher in her discipline than I would have been. But I see things from the point of view of a former teenage boy and as we all know, that view has never been the smartest vantage point, has it? As with most dad’s, I usually let the boy slide until I am really angry and then let him have it. She tempers that by being the release valve.

She is also the caring and loving mother I know of today. Her son IS her life. Her son IS her love and he is such a part of her very being that I can’t imagine life without her being the great mom that she is. She always thinks about what is best for him, whether that is a kiss and a hug or a grounding that takes away every privilege in his life except reading, eating and sleeping. Her groundings would be horrific to most teens today. But always in it, she is there to love him and love him she does. I love you Amy.

The world is a tough and uncaring place. It is only out to take and use us for what it wants. Mothers, moms and mommies are placed here by God, our Heavenly Father to protect us and guide us through it. Without our moms, it would be impossible for any of us to make it through life without being a walking open wound. They dry our tears, blow softly upon the cuts, scrapes and bruises, doctor us and finally place a soft bandage upon it, kiss us on the forehead and tells we are loved. Now go out there and be the person I have made you to be.

I thank and honor not just the moms in my life, but every mother that has lived or will live. You are all what makes the world go around. Bless you.


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