Is our leader the beginning or the end?

One thing that can be said by all points of views along the political spectrum is that Barack Hussein Obama is different from any other President the United States has ever had. Those that love him and those that hate him and everyone one else in between would have to agree with that statement.

Those that adore and worship at the alter of the former community organizer and part time guest lecturer from Harvard can find absolutely nothing, nada, zip wrong with this man. It doesn’t matter what those on the right try and tell them, they are bought in, line, hook and sinker. His message of Hope and Change resonated so deeply in their psyche that they are unable to see past his glaring faults and never will.

Then there are those that like him and agree with his policies and his pushing of the far left, progressive, liberal Democrat agenda because it is one and the same with their own. They follow him in lock step because he is leading them where they want to go. They won’t deviate from his leading because there is no reason to.

Others simply just wanted something and someone else besides BUSH. The Bush hating left is stuck in their position because they wagered everything on B. Hussein Obama and his rise to stardom before and during the election. Most still supported him even after the election until his policies and legislative push revealed to them the real aims and goals of this man, whom they knew nothing about but helped get elected because of their hate of President George W. Bush. How is that working for them now? Badly would be the guess.

Then there are those that wanted to vote for the first African American President of the United States. For those that are of that racial back ground, it is understandable. Understandable if they didn’t have conservative, pro life and small government beliefs. But some, even with said beliefs voted along racial lines anyway. Right? Wrong? Who is to say that if every President before President Obama had been an African American or let’s say, a Muslim or even a Hispanic Woman that a good portion of the White Male Christian voters out there would have voted for them, just to feel like they had a say in something finally.

Then there is the other side. Those on that other side are a mixture of people. Some are similar to the Bush haters in that any and everything that the very inexperienced President wants, they are against it. There are those that are stanch Republicans and others that are mainly Conservatives and still others that didn’t wake up regarding American politics until they became afraid of the government and its take over of so much. They are now coming out in droves at Tea Parties and Town Halls letting their voices be heard against the ruination of this great republic.

The truth is, all of them aren’t seeing the real truth about this man that has been occupying the White House for the last year and a half. The truth is he is completely different than any one in that residence ever before. Not only is he mixed race, even if he refers to himself as African American, but he is most importantly Post Modern in his fundamental beliefs.

The Postmodern philosophy is mistrusting and skeptical towards the values and beliefs of the modern world. Things like the belief that humans are more important and valuable than animals or that one form of government, say Capitalism verses Communism, is better than the other or even the belief in God, are major nihilistic tenants of the postmodern thought process. The writings of Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche, just to name a couple will let you know just how foreign this mind set is to the conservative, God and country loving citizen.

Barack Hussein Obama was born to a white atheistic mother and a black African Muslim father. He was influenced by his Muslim step father and Muslim schooling in Indonesia and later raised by his grand parents. He is totally post modern in all of his beliefs. His policies show this world view. His words, when spoken to those he feels are fellow believers, say everything you would need to hear to believe this as fact.

That is the basic problem when trying to understand and deal with this man and his fundamental changing of America. Conservatives and Tea Party people are looking at him through their own vision of what is right. He sees the world differently.

All of his policies are based on the fact that Occidental, white, Christian, affluent, racist men have had control too long. All of their policies, beliefs and governance are wrong and he is going to change as much as possible.

President Obama exhibits his progressive liberal mind in everything he says and does. The Stimulus, bailouts, corporations and banking takeovers, health care, bowing to foreign leaders, insulting our allies like Briton, turning against our allies like Israel, has been done for the expressed purpose of removing the historical standards that built not only America, but all of western culture and philosophy.

Postmodernism exhibits the progressive liberal victimization ideology that everything is a struggle between class, race, gender, religion and philosophy. Societal norms and absolute truths and society’s normality’s are misplaced and out of date. Obama believes all of this. This is the Hope and Change he promised and that so many who voted for never understood.

We on the right have got to change our approach to stopping this agenda. We constantly get caught up in the “Bataille de la journée”. We fight the daily battles that they have picked in order to keep us occupied instead of fighting those we pick. We have to stop or the fight will be over. It is a little like punishing your dog for getting in your trash can only to find out later it was a bear, after he has eaten the dog.

We have been caught up in the “He is a Socialist!” fight but that isn’t the problem. He doesn’t want our American government running everything, he wants there to be NO government of the United States. He believes it is time for this society to give the rest of the world its due by getting out of the way and giving its wealth and resources to others, particularly, non-white, non-English, non-Christian, non-patriarchal peoples all over the world.

Change your vision and see what is happening through the minds of those we are trying to stop and keep up the fight.


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