Oh yea, well your a racist too!

President Obama hates white people! He hates anybody in this country that is successful in their own business! He is doing his best to take everything that white Americans have made here in America and is going to give it to blacks that don’t work, live on welfare and sponge off of the working white people here in America.

Not only that, but he is a closeted Muslim extremist that is trying to undermine our nation as well as the nation of Israel. He is dropping our country’s military defenses so low and leaving our borders wide open so that Americans can be murdered by the thousands in a terror incident so he can declare an emergency and take all of the firearms that are owned by American citizens!

People that voted for him are either,
# 1, complete idiots
# 2, Racist blacks that hate America
# 3, Racist Blacks that hate whites
# 4, Communists wanting to destroy our freedom

Mexicans coming across our southern border are trying to take over America. They are coming here, living off the tax dollars paid by white Americans. They live on welfare, free health care, free food and government housing. Any money they make they send back to Mexico.



Just couple more things, Asians drive like crap, the Irish are drunks, and yes, those jeans make you look fat!

All of these statements sound pretty stupid when you put it all together don’t they? While some of them maybe not true, partly true or completely true, there is very little chance that they are all true to the fullest extent

The same can be said about the people, cities, states and nations that are calling the people of Arizona racists because of the states recent immigration law. By saying such a thing, everyone on the left wing, liberal progressive side is sounding just as stupid as the statements made above.

Do they really believe that there are only white supremacists, brown skin hating Nazi’s on the Arizona police forces? Do they really believe that all Arizonians should be sitting on the porch playing banjos till a poor unsuspecting Mexican crosses into America where they beat, torture murder and rape them?

If you believe the rhetoric coming from these people and being bolstered by the current regime in Washington, you would then have to believe that is what the American people are. I don’t feel like a racist, do you?

It is a fact that all of us in one from or another have a prejudice or two. Maybe even a few more than that. But for the most part, our prejudices are usually based in tradition, lack of understanding, things we were taught by others and not having known someone with who are prejudices are about. Usually, these types of thought patterns are destroyed when we encounter and become friends with people from differing backgrounds and our former belief are gone forever and replaced by enlightenment and a richer, fuller life for ourselves.

Although the President stands in sharp contrast to the traditional beliefs and goals for our nation than most of the conservatives and probably most who consider themselves liberals, there is no evidence that he does indeed want the worst for our country. He instead has a different way of believing where our Republic should go. We should fight against that because for the average citizen, being a citizen of the world does not trump being an American.

As for our Mexican brothers and sisters to the south, most come here looking for a better way of life. So did our family members at one time. Their children, if not them become part of the American success story, speaking English, working hard and raising their own families, being Americans.

African-Americans are just as important to the success our Republic as the rest of us. There are many great stories throughout our nations history that show that we, as Americans need them as fellow citizens of this, The Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth, to help it continue to succeed. Just for one, remember Crispus Attucks.

He was a former slave and dock worker, who was killed by British soldiers along with four other men in 1770 in the Boston Massacre. Today, there is a statue on Boston Common commemorating his patriotism and love of his country.

Oh, by the way, have you ever been to a St. Paddy’s Day party? Something’s can be true at times. But never, do those jeans make you look fat.

President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Dueling Banjos


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