The main stream media, punks of the administration

The Main Stream News Media, Punks for the Adminastration

It’s good to know that the main stream media as well as ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are still the cutting edge news organization that they have always been, and continue to be. You can throw PBS into their mix along with MSNBC too. They bring us the great news, important topics and up to the minute reporting of everything that is important to you. Huh? Did he just say that you ask?

It was time to add a little bit of levity to this journal. It was a joke! Come on, where is your sense of humor? Unfortunately, it was just a joke. Remember the days when we all thought that Uncle Walter, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings were giving us the truth, the un-biased reports that we thought they were. Turns out they were all left wing, liberal progressives that only gave the news from that perspective.

In the end, the only famous person we can think of from that era that gave us any news at all from a centered point of view was Paul Harvey. Maybe that is why he left broadcasting in his 90 years of age, still on the top of his game, still at his position and still loved by the American public for being him self. It also explains why Dan Rather and others like him, if given the rope will end up hanging themselves with it.

That is why they, along with the their fellow anti-American, left wing, liberal progressives in Congress, this administration and Hollywood are so disdainful of the average American. The average American stands for freedom, independence and self accomplishment. They believe that America should be a level, equal and fair playing field for any and every American that wants to play in any game.

But see, that doesn’t fit into the world view of progressives and statists. They believe that traditional America and traditional Americans are nothing short Neanderthals, bigots and hate filled wife beating ex-slave owners.

With all of the important things going on in this world, they can’t let go of the fact that average, hard working, bible believing fair minded people actually matter and have a say as what type of country we live in. We have a say into what our government will be like and in what radio and TV programs succeed. Air America anyone? Jimmy Carter? A failure is a failure no matter what progressives want.

Now, the left wing progressives are teaming up against American freedom and against the American people. Obama, Congress and members of media are working behind the veil of the Gulf oil disaster and any other distraction and attempting to turn all of the news media into a state sponsored entity. Does anyone remember Pravda and any news that came from out of the former Soviet Union, North Korea or China? This is what your President, umm, umm, umm, Barack Hussein Obama, wants to do here in America.

They want to bail out the New York Times and other newspapers with direct funding from the public treasury. They want to as many as 75,000 state sponsored reporters and journalists and pay them from American tax dollars. Did any of you read Orwell’s 1984? Wasn’t something similar done in it in order to control what people thought and said. This administration also wants to turn control of the internet and access to it over to the United Nations. Turn over the one truly free object left in the world to third world dictators and Muslim countries that hate America and Israel. Really? Does that make any of you feel freer, safer and more informed?

You may be asking, “What in the hell is wrong with these people, don’t they understand what this could do to us.” You would be right in asking that question but unfortunately, your question is baseless and unfounded when asked about this President and this Congress. They know full well what they are doing and they are going to do it regardless of what you want or say.

The problem begins with you. And by you I mean all of us. We still see the world through traditional American eyes. We think of things through traditional American beliefs. These people in Washington don’t. It is hard for us to believe that an American President would knowingly do things that would hurt and endanger Americans and America. When it does sink in, we believe that the perpetrators are evil. Maybe so, maybe not.

This President does not see America through American eyes. He does not think of America through American thoughts. He does not believe in the America through a traditional American belief process. He is a product of his upbringing.

Most people in our republic forget or over look where this person came from. They tend not to think about our having a President that didn’t have a traditional or even an American upbringing. He wasn’t raised as an American. He wasn’t ever taught about America and the great things the America has been and has done in the world. He wasn’t ever believed that America is a good and charitable group of people and that it is the only true hope for peace in this world.

We need to remember that when we wonder just what the hell these idiots in Washington are doing to nation. They are doing what they want. They are doing what they believe in. Also, and just as importantly we need to remember that they are stealing the public’s money for themselves and their peoples. Cap and Trade! Health care! TARP! Bailouts! Immigration Reform! It is all about the money and how they get their hands on it. Nothing about you, me, or any other peoples that live in this nation.

The main stream media is to the Democratic Party, the Progressives and left wingers as a street hooker is to a drug dealing pimp. He gives his B och’s just enough smack and crack to get them to lay down for him or to sell themselves to others as is needed. He gets his whores to sell his agenda and their eventual decaying life for his enrichment at their expense.

The news people of the main stream media are Obamas wore out punks. Obama and Congress are punking them and not only do they not know it, they like it. They are trying to punk the rest of us but we are on to them. And they don’t like it. They are trying to steal your freedoms and independence and get you hooked on their smack and crack to silence you into laying down for them to do as they please. Are you going to let them?

Better to die on your feet than serve on your knees someone once said. Let Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Keith Obermann, Chris Matthews, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulus serve Obama and Congress on their knees, you stand on your feet.


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