It’s time to get rid of that pesky 1st Amenment

Its time to get rid of that pesky 1st Amendment

FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, Obama's bringer of death to the 1st Amenment

As our Republic nears its next birthday, the American people are wondering just how many more Independence Day celebrations there will be. With its steady chopping away at the tree of liberty, the Barack Obama administration shears away the hope that our children will have any sort of freedoms that we have previously enjoyed.

Everyday while the nation is preoccupied with one crises or another, behind the scenes they continue their onslaught against liberty, freedom, the Constitution and the traditions of this great republic.

Now we have another brilliant move by the Obama Administration. The current holder of the White House, along with its group of highly educated, non-experienced, incompetent bunch of boobs is to take over regulation of the internet.

Since the beginning of the internet, the self serving government has kept its hands out of the internet. The FCC took a major step this week to end all of that. The Federal Communications Commission proposes using a set of 75-year-old phone regulations to oversee the Net f the 21st century and have a say in the prices that companies can charge. And the FCC will set rules for what traffic they must carry.

What these regulations will do is simple. It will single-handedly end the high hopes for the wireless Internet, which would have been the central point of the next digital revolution. The agency assault will pick the winners and losers and reshape their stock prices. This will affect the portfolios of millions of retirees and investors who have invested in companies such as ATT, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner Cable. It would impose new burdens on big carriers, while granting Google and Yahoo power to establish the content that is allowed on the Net.

In essence, the government is going to take away the return on investment by the big companies that built the plumbing, (communication systems, wiring, substations and all of the hardware that is part of the internet). They are going to set prices that will end the profits of these large companies that carry a large portion of the nation’s retirees portfolios and that, will end the working people of this nations ability to afford to live in retirement. Hope and change that you can believe in.

Now this is a group of socialists, Maoists, communists, Saul Alinski minions that hate free markets, free enterprise, free speech and a free work environment. The only reason they could possibly have to want to do this is to circumvent the 1st Amendment of The United States Constitution by regulatory caveat.

Like health care, the internet and mobile internet are a trillion dollar industry. Lets see now. For all of you Obama supports. The banks, the insurance companies, the car companies and now the internet. If these huge corporations get into trouble because they can’t recoup their investment on the internet, it will cause a crisis in the telecommunications of this nation. Can any of you Obama voters see a “to big to fail’ future there?

As the old song said, “the best is yet to come”. With control of banking, car making, health care, oil and gas, energy transmission and supply, telecommunications, food supply because of everything else, does this scare anybody else? Do you want to ask the government, especially someone that you never heard of or voted for any of these basic needs for human survival? Are you going to do your part in voting these people out of office while you still have the freedom to vote? Think about!

Photo Credit: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, AP/Jacquelyn Martin

FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, Obama's bringer of death to the 1st Amenment


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