To Kill a Mockingbird and the attack on a Red Tailed Hawk

Mockingbird Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Manjith Kainickara

Mockingbird, attacker of thin skinned politicians and red tomatoes. Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Manjith Kainickara

Growing tomatoes is an adventure that is quite disheartening. It can be especially so if you acquired a Topsy Turvy tomato plant pot. It is one of those you hang and grow your plant upside down.

You spend hours, pour gallons of water into it, only to get a huge plant with only three damn tomatoes on it. A big disappointment but you push on. Tending and watering it till you get one that starts turning red and looking delicious. You get an anticipation of eating said tomato.

Then along comes a Mimus polyglottos better known as the Northern Mockingbird. I have always had an admiration for the bird, they are the official State Bird of Texas, and they are fearless and they look like British Spitfire or Curtis P40 WW2 fighter aircraft while they fly. I have seen one attack a fully grown Red Tailed Hawk, a raptor over four times its size, never backing off until the Hawk had flown away. Far away. Cool birds, until now.

Within seconds, the bright red tomato had the entire top pecked off of it. It was a delicious meal for the Mockingbird, the little bugger. Thin skin on top of the tomato was just no match for the Mimus polyglottos

This whole scenario reminds us of the Gen. Stanley McChrystal, B. Hussein Obama fiasco. As we all know, President Obama has the thinnest skin of any American leader ever to hold office. He continues to fall from his Greek columned inaugural coronation as “The One”, the supreme messiah of Hope and Change to a sniveling spoiled little brat. It is something that has to make Sean Hannity feel some recompense for all of his efforts to exposed this person as a fraud and charlatan from before he even started to run for the office.

Every attack on Obama is taken personal and he feels he has to respond to every one of them. Conservatives used to yell at President George W. Bush for not standing up and fighting back at his attackers. We now know that Mr. Bush was correct in his responses or lack there of. It belittles the office and demeans the stature of the President. Obama looks like a punk. Bush looked like a Statesman.

General Stanley McChrystal had to be removed from his position because of his remarks in Rolling Stone magazine. The President is his Commander in Chief of the American military. He had to leave no matter how well he had handled things before. The civilian President has to remain in control of the military. Other wise you get Chavez in Venezuela, Castro in Cuba and every other two bit Dictator around the globe. McChrystal had to go.

Now before you get too bent out of shape by the above paragraph, please read on. Why did McChrystal do it? Why did he let Rolling Stone Magazine, the Pravda for the communists, socialists, left wingers, liberals and every stupid celebrity that thinks their child like comprehension of politics matters to the rest of the world, enter his inner circle? Why on purpose of course. Look at it this way.

Gen. McChrystal has been a backer of Pres. Obama for the most part, even in his election to President. Maybe it was time to expose his mistake? Maybe he needed to get out while the country still has a chance to save its self from the former part time lecturer from Harvard who now is in charge of the U.S. military. Can any of you think of a left wing teacher that you would want in charge of the free world?

The whole thing was thought out before hand by Gen. McChrystal. His words attacking Obama and Obama officials were a warning and apology to America. He used Rolling Stone Magazine to get his apology out for the whole world to see. He used R.S. magazine to get it out to those that voted for Obama.

How many R.S. readers watch Fox News or actually any news at all? He wanted them to see first hand what a mistake it was to allow B. Hussein Obama into the office. If he had chosen any other outlet for this exposure, none of the Obamittes would have ever heard or read anything about it.

McChrystal, through his R.S. article is an American Patriot. Now Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Move On’s George Soros have a true Red Tailed Hawk to deal with. They have someone that they all hate, someone that they all attacked openly in the press and on TV. They have the Red Tailed Hawk of General David Petraeus. Unlike the wildlife version, Gen. Petraeus won’t be turning his red tail and running.

Not only will these pipsqueak idiots have to deal with him, so will Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and Special Representative Richard Holbrooke. It will be interesting and maybe even help slow our Republic’s sli9de into destruction. We will see. Cheers to General Stanley McChrystal for his service to our nation and all of his years as a soldier and for his life standing on the wall.


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