Just plug the damn hole!

Plug the damn hole. Obama Rising and his true lies to the American people

Recently our beneficent leader rattled off those words. What exactly did he mean and why did his “private” utterance become so public so quickly? Well, as with all these people in Washington, they only left loose with these types of comments if they want someone to hear. And he wanted all of us to hear this and assume that he was right in the middle of it.

Was he talking about “plugging the damn hole” in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico? One would assume so but his actions and those of his minions, oops, pardon me, subordinates, show that they really aren’t that interested in “plugging that damn hole”.

All of the administrations actions seem to be the direct opposite of what people on the ground in the Gulf States want or need. Case in point was the life jacket incident. Really, was the most important thing for the Coast Guard to do right then and there? Another, not allowing foreign ships to help out in the skimming and clean up. Why?

And why ignore La. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s and all of his suggestions and requests? Is it because Jindal is a Republican or perhaps it’s something more unforgivable than that. Maybe this just plays in to his Cap and Trade scheme?

Maybe he was talking about “plugging the damn hole” at our borders. That’s rich! There hasn’t been a President interested in controlling the flow of illegal’s into our nation since President Reagan. And even his solutions turned out not to be solutions even though the attempt was noble.

With all of the current regime’s rhetoric and slight of hand, and sad to say, the former regime of George W. Bush’s as well, you would think that American national politicians cared about securing our Republic. But that doesn’t seem to matter to these people. It’s only about getting new voters for their side and spreading the wealth, your wealth around. But please don’t let that bother you because their wealth will be safe. Remember, they will screw you and pass the savings on to others.

I have a different “plug the damn hole” in mind. How about “plug the damn PIE hole in their faces? Americans are sick and tired of hearing this President, his spokespeople, RINO Republicans and the left wing liberals talk talk talk. Just shut up why don’t you?

Leave the microphones and if you must do something, secure the border. Don’t tell us we are racists because we love our nation. Don’t tell us we are mean because we want illegals caught, sent home or prosecuted. Plug the damn hole in the middle of your faces till you act like the person you should be. The person that took the oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Till, “Plug the Damn Hole!


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