Me and you, you and me, both of us together!!!

Pashai Oway, 6, of Arlington, Va., holds an American flag while attending the the "Restoring Honor" rally, organized by Glenn Beck, in Washington, on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Pashai Oway, 6, of Arlington, Va., holds an American flag while attending the the "Restoring Honor" rally, organized by Glenn Beck, in Washington, on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

There is one thing about all of us, “We the People”, people that the so called Washington elites, main stream media, and left wing liberals don’t understand. And that is no matter how badly they want to instigate and propagate bad relations between the races here in America, most average everyday Americans still care about the lives, feelings and fortunes of other Americans.

As we see daily on the network news shows, they, (the Media) are doing their best to cause a division among Americans along racially lines. They, (the Media) will not be satiated till there is a large scale clash between races. That is their, (the Media) hope. That is their wish and that is their goal. Why?

The reason why is because they, (the Media) believe deep down in their hearts and souls that, “We the People” are hate mongering, evil, ex-slave owning white bigots that hate everyone who is not a White, Angelo/Saxon Protestant.

Now I will fully admit that I do find the editorial cartoons of President Obama funny with their depictions of his Dumbo like ears. And I will admit to thinking that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson remind me the south end of north bound Jackasses. Not so much in appearance, although Al is pretty close, but in their actions, deeds and words. Can anyone really find better examples of persons that see the world through race colored eyes than these two bloviating, Equus africanus asinus’. I didn’t think so.

Another thing that they, (this time the Washington crowd) don’t fully understand about us, (you and me) is that in almost all cases, we pull for the others out here, regardless of race, color or creed. We help those in need and support those that want better lives for themselves and their families. Regardless of where they came from, our only real concern is where they are going from here.

Everywhere across this great nation, we, (as in US) meet, get to know and genuinely like those that have come here from Middle Eastern or Muslim nations. Most come here for the same reasons as we, (Americans) did. To have the freedom to be whom they want to be. Freedom to choose the life they want to lead without the tyranny that they faced in their home country. To follow the American dream.

Most of us, (you and me) know of lots of Hispanic people, from Mexico or other countries that come here, work their tales off and either build their lives here or take care of their families back home. As long as they are here legally, we support their right to a better life. As the years pass, they become our friends, and then they become fellow Americans as their lives integrate into ours and our nation is nothing but more the richer for that.

Most of us, (me and you) welcome the opportunity meet and to know those of African-American decent. Very few of us see others with disdain or with contempt when we meet and get to know our fellow Americans of African-American progeny. We see them as fellow Americans. Not African-Americans, or blacks or any other segregating appellation. Just as Americans. Most of us see Sharpton and Jackson as the strutting supercilious popinjay’s that they are and it has nothing to do with the color of their skins. It has to do with the color that they see us in. It is their racially bigoted way of seeing life that causes the divisions.

Not us, (We the People)

Photo Credit: AP/
Proud American,
Pashai Oway, age 6, at Glenn Becks “Restoring Honor Rally” Aug. 28th, 2010



  1. Thank you for this wonderful article–you’ve summed up both “We the People” and the media/elitist pot-stirrers to a tee. Please keep sharing your observations. I absolutely love the photo accompanying this piece, it’s one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen. Young Pashai is full of hope, promise and dreams which she can achieve if she holds tightly to American values and works hard. Never let them tell you you can’t, young lady! God Bless America!

  2. The Restoring Honor Rally was a shock to the MSM .
    The lies of racism had been repeated until it became “their truth” became exposed as just lies. Watching their stunned response has become kind of a sport to me. Today it all became crystal clear while watching “Jaws” , in one scene Brody sees the the shark and backs into the cabin where Quint is and says “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” . The MSM needs a bigger boat . The lie will no longer keep them afloat. CHOMP CHOMP

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