Snoopy versus the Red Baron or Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on.

Snoopy, WWI Flying Ace vs. The Red Baron

Snoopy was Charlie Browns canine companion in the Peanuts cartoons. Whether in video version or comic strip, Snoopy was his own dog. Besides being almost human (he even walked on two legs), Snoopy was known to take on a variety of alter-egos. (Often, the strip or narrator would begin with, “Here’s the world-famous [name of occupation]”).

One of Snoopy’s more famous alter-egos was as the World War I Flying Ace. During these fantasy’s, he was often seen battling his arch-enemy, Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. When assuming this personality, Snoopy would wear goggles, a leather flying helmet and a scarf.  He would climb on top of his doghouse, which he claimed was an infamous WWI fighting airplane, the Sopwith Camel.

Like other adult figures in Peanuts, The Red Baron was never seen in the comic strip. We knew he was there as was indicated through the bullet holes that would riddle the doghouse.  We would see Snoopy shaking his fist and see his cries of “Curse you, Red Baron!” while his “Sopwith Camel” doghouse plummeted to earth trailing smoke.

Defeat didn’t really happen to our lovable beagle. It was only in the fantasy world that he lived in. Reminds us of some others out there that seem to cry foul over some made up injustice or over some feigned defeat that they had endured.

The current elected officials in Washington seem to do this quite often. No more relevant case in point could be made than that being made over the extension of the current rates. Democrats want to call it an extension of the Bush tax cuts. It is the current tax law. They do this slight of hand in an effort to cover up the fact that they want to raise the American Peoples taxes.

They use Bush’s name as a curse word because the far left hates George W. Bush. Just as Snoopy would say, “Curse you Red Baron”, Obama says, “Curse you George W. Bush, you Robber Baron” about anything and everything.

They do it because so many of the American public are so out of touch with reality today that they just follow what ever the left has to say, believing it as if it were gospel. Speaking of gospel, in today’s sermon of the tax cut extension, they have added  sweeteners which could serve as a legislative pacifier for Democrats who are outraged over the supposed concessions given by President Obama to the Republicans.

The new, what is now, the 10th stimulus-sized package, includes about $55 billion worth of short-term tax extensions for businesses and individuals. It includes Among the extra provisions are a tax credit for biodiesel, a tax credit for ethanol, extensions of tax credits for energy-efficient homes and appliances, and credits for training mine rescue teams.

It would allow millions of dollars worth of expensing for film and production companies doing work in the United States, give breaks for the rum trade in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, provide incentives for investment in the District of Columbia and provide other benefits for the battered Gulf coast. The 45-cent-per-gallon ethanol subsidy alone, extended through 2011, was estimated to cost about $5 billion.

The Republicans tell us they are making this deal the keep Americans taxes from going up after the first of the year. The Democrats tell us they are making this deal the keep Americans taxes from going up after the first of the year. Both sides sit on their rears with fists in the air and yell, “Curse you, [blau, blau, blau]”. And as it would seem, we all fall for it. This package will cost about $855 billion.

As every election passes, especially since 2008 and the anointing of “The One”, it has become more and more obvious that this whole process is a ruse being perpetrated on the American people. “Hope and Change”, yea right. “Scott Brown saved the day”, huh? “With enough recounts, Al Franken’s the winner”, really? Lisa Murkowski received the entire write in votes”, Wow.

This tax cut extension or what ever is a lie. It is a lie being told by both sides of the isle. And with just a few exceptions, they are all in on it. All of the Democrats and most of the Republicans see it as just another chance to push through an emergency, gotta get it done now, rape of the American middle class.

Both sides are telling us that they have to spend all this money to keep our taxes from going up. Really? Really? Maybe you and I are just stupid. It seems to us that if these tax rates have been in place for ten years, and no one said they had to spend a trillion dollars to have them, why do we have to spend a trillion dollars to have them now? I’m just sayin’. It gets worse every election doesn’t it?

We all need the tax rates to stay the same. We do and the country does. Washington sees this as a great cover up to steal more from us. Just extend the rates, period.

Our American way of life is spiraling to the ground, the smoke billowing from it just as it did from Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel dog house. Bullet riddled and weary from the battle, we have all but smashed on the rocks below. We hold our fists high to the sky and yell to those elected, “Curse Washington Red Barons, curse you”. Only to be ignored, spat upon, raped and racked over the coals again.

The Red Barons of Washington fly away, looking down on us and laughing at the newest hoax they have perpetrated on us. “Here’s a tissue,” they say, “clean yourself off and quit your whining, you elected us”. We did, didn’t we? Makes you think doesn’t it? We elected them.

What do we do now? “We hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on”. Continue your efforts to rid our government of these would be elites and replace them with good human beings. It may be too late to save us, but never give up the fight. “Hang on Snoopy”.

PS: I know, I know,  Hang on Sloopy by the McCoys. Doesn’t work though!


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