The Toddler and the Apple Sauce

The other day, while waiting to be assisted by a highly skilled practitioner in the fine art of acquiring some delicious and nutritious cuisine, the patrons were assaulted by the ear splitting, cacophonous protestations of a self minded toddler. As we others were biding our time, waiting to be asked that same age old question, “Would you like fries with that”, the saintly mother of the two foot tall terrorist made her move to quell the situation. (I am not referring to that brilliant thespian from the northern shores of our beloved land here)

The fast food Mother Teresa was attempting to get the unruly bundle to cooperate with her in their mutual mid day feeding. You could just make out the drag marks on the freshly polished floors were the battle worn momma had pulled her adversary into the eating position. Two parallel trails lead from the play ground area to the table where the final battle ensued.

But, as luck would have it, the tiny tote Tasmanian devil was having none of it. “Snooki by any other name would just as defiant”, so to speak. The mother, was trying in every way to get an apple sauce laden spoon past the clenched lips of the folded arm little ‘Il Duce’

Strategically, I made my way to the far side of the room. I watched as the Mommy Dearest continued her assault. Finally, the little bundle of joy gave in as her mother promised that if she didn’t like it, she could have something else. An obvious lie perpetrated upon the little angel by the stern Reverend Mother.

As the little darling allowed the spoon, “through the teeth and over the gums, look out stomach, here it comes”, the whole world around we hapless huddled masses changed. The clouds parted and the waters receded…OK not quite. The little rascal broke out in a smile. She said in a high pitched happy tone that she wanted more. All’s well that ends well. Which brings us to the Republican Party

There are those of you out there that have become very active in the political arena in the last 2 years. And there are still more people out there that haven’t. It seems strange that anyone could just be sitting on the sidelines these days as our liberties and freedoms are being assaulted. “Inch by inch, set by step, hour by hour and day by day.”

The last election cycle showed that a few Republicans can be dragged kicking and screaming toward the right. Moved to the right (as in the correct way) moved to the right as in conservative values and Constitutional principles. For the most part, it would seem as if the Tea Party movement is working. Maybe so, maybe not.

The of the most important things for all of us conservatives and Tea Party people to remember is that Republicans helped bring the Republic to the edge of oblivion almost as much the Democratic Socialists Party did.

The current administration has just had the unmitigated gall to do it full sail, out in the open without regard for their office, their country, the American people and the Constitution. They just do not care what the people or the Constitution say. President Obama is full enough of his own hot air to believe that we will just go along eventually because HE says so.

You have to hand it to him; he is his favorite person and his biggest fan. His destruction of so many of our freedoms and liberties is astonishing when you look back over the last 2 years. With the exception of a few Congressmen and women, FOX News and their contributors and conservative talk radio, no one has said a thing.

It doesn’t do any good to go back over his rape of the country and Constitution. We all know what he has done in the name of spreading the wealth around. Over the next 2 years, we are going to work hard not only to shine the light on what the Progressive’s and Democrats are doing but we will also continue to drag the Republican Party to the right.

We will do this by exposing their innate need to be loved by the Democratic Party, the main stream news media. We will do this when they give in to the temptation to do things they have always done. Democrat light. NO more. We, the American people are finished with that.

We will make are battle with the RINO. The Scott Browns, Collins, Snowes, Grahams, McCain’s and others when they betray our desires. We voted for them. Its time to put up or shut up and we will continue to remove from office those that go along to get along. We didn’t vote for Republicans for them to be bi-partisan, to get along, and to work with the other side of the isle. We voted for Republicans to STOP the other side of the isle. We voted for the PARTY of NO. Period!

It is time to choose sides in this battle for t our Republic. We will drag those that we can, kicking and screaming to the right. Trails in the sand will mark their journeys from milk toast RINO’s to conservative Patriot, or to the history books as “Former Senator” or “Former Congressman” Who knows, maybe once there, like the toddler and apple sauce, nothing but smiles.


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