A Soul Unraveling.

Charlie Sheen, "I am losing my mind" Photo: Jackson Lee/Splash News

We all are being inundated by news story of Charlie Sheen and his down warded spiral into one outcome or another. Whether it is death or oblivion or redemption and renewal. At the moment, it doesn’t look good for the funny man actor. He is living the way he wants and to hell with everyone else.

As with every soul, there is hope for our friend Charlie. In this world we now live in, true redemption seems to be lost. We live in a culture that thinks as long as you haven’t murdered someone, well today at least, you’re a Christian. All you have to do to be one is say your one and bam, you are one. I personally consider those that believe in the way that Calvin, Luther and Augustine did, but who am I to judge? God will do that in the end.

Maybe Oprah can have Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra come and do an intervention on him. Whether he becomes a Christian or just has his life saved by a good hearted porn star, we wish him well and hope that he doesn’t just join John candy and John Belushi as funny men we miss. Good luck Chuck.

This brings us to here. America is on the same downward spiral that Charlie is. Just watch Charlie in his ranting; just watch the protestors in the Wisconsin State house. They’re all the same. They are all addicted to the public teat. Whether it’s the admiring fans, paying Charlie 1 million dollars a week in salary or the protestors’ and their collective bargaining, high salaries, benefits and retirements. And its not just celebrities and union members, it is all of us.

I’m all for working people. I am one. But loud mouthed union thugs are the reason why right to work people dislike unions. It’s not the average person that belongs to one, it’s the ones that scream and well and curse and threaten that are the face on the unions. Those that refer to members as “workers” usually have an agenda that discredits the union in the eyes of non-union working people.

When the government employees make more in wags, and more in benefits and more in retirement than the tax paying non-union working people, can you not see why the average right to work American has had it with the union? Teachers, Firemen and Law Enforcement are hard working people. We need them and want them taken care of. I have no problem giving a good salary, good benefits and retirement. But there has to be a line drawn.

Tenure has to be done away with for everyone, unions need to be limited to individual businesses and not national or international because that breeds the Al Capone style of union leadership we have now. They are nothing but thieves and gangsters. The individual union members are good hard working people but their leadership is not.

Their leaders are using their members in the same way as Leon Trotsky was and when it comes time for the union leaders to cast the members aside, they will do the same to them as Stalin did to Trotsky. The jobs will go over seas, the American “workers” will live on unemployment and the working people of America will foot the bill for the union thugs to live in high style. Liberal union leaders are the ones that said “workers of the world unite, its not just a slogan anymore.”

I want union member “workers” to have good jobs, good lives and good retirements. They deserve that after working their whole lives in service to the public. But they don’t deserve to be carried on the backs of the right to work working people.

That being said, it is time for Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Republicans to join in this fight. Join in to win, not just to yell from the sidelines. Are you ready to save this beloved Republic of ours? Are you willing to do what it takes to keep it from sliding off of the edge of oblivion? Do you want to keep it from being just another former empire cast onto the dung heap of history? Really? Are you?

Here’s start. If you are not over 55 years of age, you will not receive Social Security until after the age of 75. No one except widows and orphans will receive it for any reason until age 75. Really? Is that what your thinking? What about those that can’t work, blau, blau blau… Christopher Reeve worked, Stephan Hawking works.

A flat tax. Everyone pays 15% of their income. That includes local, state and federal taxes. All incomes pay it. No deductions except business expenses. How’s this working for you now.

Unions are all local only. National and international unions will be outlawed.

No government grants, loans, subsidies, handouts or programs. Pay your own damn school tuition. Pay for your own start up art gallery.

Do away with Media Care, MediCad and any other insurance or health care. Buy your own or do without. It’s getting tough now isn’t it? TORT reform will make this work.

Government gets out of TV, movies, news, art and everything else that doesn’t build or repair something. They provide for the “common defense”. Where have I heard that before, hummm! They build roads and infrastructure. Every branch of government is equal to the others. All have to agree on any bill or law. Including the States. If any state decides to opt out, the 10th will cover that move.

Everyone in America works for their own food, housing, and Ipod and laptops. Everyone pays for their own TV and cable. Everyone gets what they work for and no one else has a right to it.

If it aint in the original intent of the Constitution, it aint in the law. Pay your own damn way or do without. Federal government, stay out of the peoples business. It is none of yours. Politicians get 2 terms in each office if their elected by their home state voters. Every term is for 4 years each. Senators are elected by the State legislators and not in the general elections, repeal the 17th and change it back for 4 years.

All judges shall be elected to office every 2 years by local voters. Federal judges shall be elected by state house majority leaders. Even “The Supremes”. Not the singing group.

This will be the new starting platform of my Presidential campaign. But I need 8 years of total control first. To implement these fundamental changes of hope. Changes we can believe in. I feel your pain. Yes we can. Get rid of Biden…(oops, that just slipped in there). If you agree, please send “1 billion dollars” (hold your little finger at corner of mouth while saying) to, elect a knucklehead for President, again, but this time with a birth certificate dot com. Good luck, the world is counting on me.

Charlie Sheen, "I am losinf my mind" Photo: Jackson Lee/Splash News


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