A Further Downward Spiral

As the world seems to continue its further downward spiral, our nation and the Republic that it is, stands at a cross roads in history. Where we go from here is at best, a guess, a hope and even a dream.

For those of us that are right of center, the last 2 years have been short of a bloodless coupe by the Democrats, leftists, liberals, progressives and socialists. You would be hard pressed to ask any Tea Party member and find any outlook any rosier than that. Those that believe in individual liberties and responsibilities see their nation changing, day by day and inch by uncertain inch. They are afraid that the Republic that they knew and loved is sliding away into a new world order that ignores the individual, abolishes property rights, unarms its citizens and cow tows to every ethnic or racial group except for white, Angelo-Saxon, Christians.

For those that are left of center, the past 2 years have been the opportunity that they have dreamed of where they could finally push, or nudge this stubborn, hard headed and stony hearted nation of back woods rednecks into the 21st Century. They have used every opportunity to do just that. Whether it was down by hook or by crook, whether it was done by bending, breaking, changing, ignoring or making up new rules, they have pushed their agenda forward at such a fast pace, that those right of center are hard pressed just to keep up with it. They are afraid that if they don’t continue to push this progressive agenda forward at its break neck speed, their chance at merging our great, once in world history, individual liberty based Republic into a New World order now, while the nudging is good, will be lost. They see the door starting to creak its way back toward the closed minded, “USA,USA,USA”, chanting bigoted nation of fools again.

As for me, I have been away from the political bloging fray for sometime. Part of it was because it has a tendency to overwhelm one when completely engaged in it. Whether you are on the left or the right, the fight is one of continuous struggle just to keep up. When fully immerged in the fracas, seeing the forest from the trees is almost impossible. It is similar to a blind man looking shower head in a public shower room while everyone else is hitting him in the face with rolled up wet towels. You get where all you want to do is duck and cover. With out getting any feed back from those that are on ones own side of the issues, (and I have had hardly any except for 2 people that read me), you are left with only the slings and arrows from the opposing forces. That becomes disheartening and to say the least.

When engaging the opposing side in conversation, you get in return that you are just too stupid, ignorant, bigoted and narrow minded to even speak to. You are told that you are not worth speaking to because you are incapable of understanding and useless to waste breath on. I have been told that on a number of occasions. By public school teachers no less. Female public school teachers, (and I am not lumping all teachers into this category, just those that have attacked me, so please don’t be offended by this), within 3 exchanges on blogs become so overwhelmingly enraged and unhinged that they resort to calling me names and insulting me. Now, I am not saying that I don’t deserve it and that I am not a piss ignorant Neanderthal Son of A Bitch, I am just wondering how they figured it out so quickly. Girl friends come off the chain!!!

One of the first things they do is tell me just, how well educated they are, just how well read they are, just how enlightened they are. They tell me that conservative, Sarah Palin loving, Glenn Beck listening, Sean Hannity watching, Bush the baby killer voting, Michelle Bachman backing people are the worst excuse for human waste that has ever lived and doesn’t deserve to engaged them in conversation, mush less interfere with their agenda and way of thinking.

BUT, and this is a big but, we have all heard or seen the same thing come from a few, piss ignorant Neanderthal SOB’s on the right. RIGHT! Right? Well, maybe, but it is very few and far between when it comes to the average, everyday, Republic loving Patriots on the right. You will get a few and I have to admit, that damned Hannity drives you nuts trying to watch or listen to his show when he gets on a particular point. He is like a bored child picking at a scab. He stays on the issue and can’t seem to move on. And he won’t let anyone else speak, much less finish a point. But, as they say, I digress.

Spending time on some of the liberal blogs and web sites is a quite enlightening experience. Listening to liberal talk radio, is you can find, is as well. For those on the right that listen to their own right leaning radio, when you are listening to the left minded radio, you will notice something interesting. If you could remove the personal names of those that they are speaking of, say, for instance, remove Palin and Pelosi, remove Bachman and Reid, remove Hannity and Rhoads and remove Bush and Obama, you would say that each side says the same thing as the other, only the names have been changed. The callers and the host on the Randi Rhoads Show, have all the name calling, venom laced vitriol as do the callers and host on the Hannity radio show. I know, I listen to both.

The point of all of these inane ramblings of mine is this and I think it is something that we have been missing and is something that I am not sure can be worked out in the end. The conservative right and the progressive left are at cross purposes with regard to our nation. They see it from opposite sides, they want it to be opposite in its out come. The Left wants a progressive, European style society and the Right wants an individual liberty American style society.

Those on the Left think they are correct in their views and their way of thinking and that people on the Right are too stupid to understand, much less to have an engaged part in their society. Those on the Right think that the Constitution should be left alone and that those on the Left are misguided and can be taught to see the light and return to the center or the right way of thinking. Both sides are wrong.

Our country, our Republic, is split down its middle. Those on the Right will never come together with those on the Left. They are at odds with one another and they want 2 different outcomes. Where do we go from here? How does our republic survive? One thing is for sure, if the Right leaves it up to the Republican Party, the further downward spiral will continue, it will just be a slightly slower rate. Look how quickly the controllers of the GOP have tried to marginalize the freshman Tea Party congressmen. If it is given over to the Democrats and their left fringe, it will continue at the break neck speed that it has with Barack Hussein Obama at the controls. For right leaning conservatives, it doesn’t look good.

Best Regards,

Bruce Bowers


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