An open letter to our Republican Congress



To all of this great Republic’s Republican Senators and Representatives! The reason I am contacting you today is to let you know my concerns with the caving in to the Presidents demands on the debt ceiling hike.
You and your colleges have an historic opportunity to actually give us, WE THE PEOPLE a hope of a future.
By stopping him in his tracks. You and your partners in Washington can stop all of the social programs, left leaning freedom infringing agenda’s if you want to.
All the Republicans tell us, the voters that they are there for us. It is time to show us that you are. We are sick and tired of the government taking and taking from us, the working and tax paying peoples of this great republic.
Republican Senators and Representatives, I am asking you, as a voter to stand against this take over of power by this administration and stop Obama and the Democrats.
The first 2 years of his term, the President did what he wanted to do. You were not able to stop him them but as a member in the Senate. But there is a Republican House, you now have the power. Stop him. Stop him now and stop him for the rest of his term in office.
We are watching all of the Republicans very, very closely because almost without fail, the Republicans in Congress have given our freedoms and your own power as a 1/3 of the government away. We voted a large group of Republicans into office in 2010.
This is the Republican Parties last chance as united front against the leftist Democratic Party. If you Republicans give in to Obama, you will lose a large voting block of conservative, constitution believing Americans and we will seek another group to support.
Republican Senators and Representatives, I know that you all, well meaning Senators and Representatives of your voters, have a difficult time there in Washington remembering why we sent you there because you are surrounded by nothing but liberal leftist social minded people, press and Democrats. Please remember this though, that those of us that have always voted Republican did so because we believed that you represented us there. We voted you in and left it up to you. That was a shame on us as Americans.
We are now engaged in this battle to save our beloved republic and look to you to choose this day how you will vote. For your voting public or the Democrats. It is up to you.
We are watching and your vote will decide if we support you whole heartedly in your future elections or if we do everything in our Constitutional power to send you back to non-public life. We promise to support in time, effort and means those that keep their word, tell the truth and stand for the beliefs of those we send to office. We are watching.
Best Regards,
Bruce Bowers
Fellow Patriot & Conservative
photo credit: AP: Martin Meissner


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