2012 and the end of the Republican Party

As this election approaches, it seems the conservatives of this great Republic are once again being courted by charlatans. Why is it that conservative’s are only worth speaking to or about, or that the political candidates only act conservative during their election campaigns. It comes down to the political process’ inherent disdain for the conservatives of this great Republic.

“ ‘Baw’, ‘foul’ ‘that’s not true’ “ the GOP may say. Well, maybe, maybe not. To the Republican Party elite and to those of the GOP that only refer to themselves as conservatives during elections because that is the only time they will lower themselves to us that moniker, it is how it seems to the conservative voter.

True conservatives of this nation are day by day becoming less and less likely to vote Republican. For decades, conservatives have been forced to vote for the Republican candidate for President and U.S. Congress in order to slow the liberal coup d’état of the Democrat Party. The day of the 3rd Party and the death of the Republican Party are fast approaching.

It seems to the average voter in this, the greatest nation on Gods green earth, that the Republican establishment is so afraid of Barack Hussein Obama that they have all but conceded the general election to him. It also seems that they have decided to concentrate on retaking the Senate and increasing their majority in the House. Both of these endeavors would be wonderful things if it were not for their accepted defeat by Obama.

Why is it that they are afraid of Obama? Why won’t they fight against him as he will fight against them? Will this GOP candidate put on the same dog and pony show that John, ‘Yosemite Sam’ McCain did in the last election? McCain didn’t use anything against Obama, none of the questions raised about him or his lake of ever having a responsible job or any experience. The GOP Party seems to be headed in the same direction again. Republicans just don’t have it in them to be winners.

A word of advice to the Republican Party. As one who has voted Republican in every election since being old enough, it pains me and saddens me to say they the GOP’s days are coming to an end. The Grand ole Party’s is declining because of its leader’s inability to stop the liberal train in its fundamental change of OUR nation. Whether the GOP believes what conservatives are saying doesn’t matter. It is what conservatives feel, think and believe about the GOP that matters.

Conservatives feel lied to, abandoned and betrayed by the GOP, every chance the Republican’s get, especially since the coronation of B. Hussein Obama to “just go along to get along” they do and at their own peril. Conservatives, Christians and the working middle class of this Republic have had it with the GOP. It is time for the Republicans to stand up and be something besides the RINO dominated, Boehner lead, “Oh well, we’re only 1/2 of 1/3” that they have been. Conservatives are looking for a Conservative Republican leader that will do for the Constitution and the average American what Obama has done for the leftists and liberals. Time to stand and deliver or get out of the way GOP.

Those running the GOP may think this is wrong but its not. The GOP’s days are finished if they don’t return o the light side of the force. But there is a chance for the Republican Party to save itself. A chance, to once again be the Conservative side of this nation’s government. How you ask?

Win or lose in the upcoming Presidential Election, the Republican Party has to really fight for he Constitution and Conservative values of its long time voters. There is a chance that because Obama is the Democratic contender, the conservative may still side with the GOP in an effort to save our Republic, but that is the only reason. The only way the GOP can be saved right now, in this 2012 election is Barack Obama.

Obama’s vision for this nation is a complete 180 from the conservative Americans. That is where the GOP comes in. A 3rd party candidate will give Obama another 4 years in office. A 3rd party candidate will not only end the United States of America as we have known it but will end the Republican Party as the dominate ‘conservative’ side of the American politic.

What can the GOP do? They can stand up against the Democrats and fight them. Speak the truth and it will set them free. Win or lose, fighting on the side of the conservative voter is the right thing to do. Conservatives of today have awoken and they will never again be used as a parking lot prom date to be used at the election and then sent away to find their own ride home. GOP, it’s up to you to save your party.

The way to save the party is to mount a real campaign against Obama. Not the namby pamby sugar coated dribble of the McCain or Dole Campaign’s. But a real damn fight to the finish with the intent to win. Republicans have to want to fight and want to win or their finished. Stand toe to toe, bring a gun to a knife fight, and fight fire with fire kind of campaign. Beat Obama damn it.

If the republican doesn’t win this 2012 election it is their own fault. Obama is ripe for the defeating. Republicans have got to take advantage of that. Romney and Newt are really and truly not the path to take. Romney comes off as wanting to win no matter what stand he has to take or which side of an issue he has to take, even if it’s both sides, as he has done. Newt, although he is probably the most brilliant of republicans, carries more baggage than freight train and right or wrong, changed or not, he did set on a couch with Queen Nancy. Conservatives feel that those in the GOP establishment are grabbing their noses and forcing them to swallow the GOP’s pick. Again!!! It will end the GOP

The Republican Party stands at a cross roads. One direction takes them the way of the Wig Party. One takes them the way of the Reform Party. It is time to return to the conservatives of this Republic Republicans. With out a return to this, the conservative voter will split their votes until they find a true conservative to lead them. But, unfortunately for our republic, that will be too late. People are fed up with the process and are looking for a fight and a fighter to lead them. So called conservative pundits keep telling us that Romney is the way, well, he AINT, GOP, he aint. He may be your choice and he may well win in 2012, but if he does, he will be the end of the party. The leaders of the GOP may think that this anger toward the establishment, whether Republican or Democrat may pass after Obama, but their wrong. It is only the beginning. Conservatives have had it and their going to either take back this country as a whole or in pieces. This is not hyperbole, it is a fact. The under current running through this Republic is real and its coming to a head. And it’s coming soon. And Hell will follow with it. Time for the GOP to act.

If the Republicans run a good campaign, if they win the election, if they reverse EVERYTHING the Obama and Reed/Pelosi camps have done, if they act and think conservative, they stand a chance at preserving the GOP. If they don’t, then Ya’ll may as well ease on up to the table, because the goose is cooked and the 3rd Party has come to the feast.


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