Ding Dong, ol’ Mitt has won

Wow, can you believe it Patriots. Mitt has won not only the Hawkeye Cockeye, but the New Hampshire Primary. Wow, that’s just amazing isn’t it? Why that hasn’t happened since 1976. I must be a sign from above. Come on kids, (and Munchkins) sing it with me:

‘Ding Dong, ol’ Mitt has won, which ol Mitt, Ol Gov’ner Mitt
Ding Dong ol’ RINO Mitt has won.
Give up, Everyone, Give up Newt and give up Ricks
Ding Dong ol’ RINO Mitt has won.’

And that goes for you voters as well. Oops, hold it right there Ron, you too.

You would think by listening to those, ah…pundits on TV that the race was over and everyone else just needs to shut up sit down and get out of the way wouldn’t you? Is that what you feel like doing? I didn’t think so.

I don’t think that I want the voters of Iowa and New Hamp to pick my candidate. No disrespect to them but what gives them the right to drop a house on the rest of the field? If any of you recall or have bothered to see for yourselves, we were told the same thing in 1976.

Incumbent President Gerald Ford faced a strong primary challenge from Ronald Reagan. The former California Governor was a popular among the GOP’s conservative wing. Conservatives saw that like his predecessor Richard Nixon, Ford was not a conservative. The race for the nomination was the last one by the Republicans to have not been decided by the start of the party convention.

Ford narrowly defeated Reagan in the New Hampshire primary, and then proceeded to beat Reagan in Florida and Illinois. By the North Carolina primary in March 1976, Reagan’s campaign was nearly out of money, and many believed that another defeat would force Reagan to quit the race. Many in the GOP establishment were openly asking Reagan to get with the Party and get out of the way. With the assistance of the political organization of U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, Reagan upset Ford in North Carolina and then proceeded to win a string of impressive victories, including Texas. Ford did win in his home state of Michigan, and from there the two candidates battled for delegates. By the time the Republican Convention opened in August 1976 the nomination was too close to call.

At the start of the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City, Ford had a slight lead in delegate votes, but was still short of the 1130 delegates he needed to win. Reagan’s choice of Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania, a Northern moderate, to be his running mate has been said to have caused Mississippi’s Chairman Clarke Reed, to switch the states votes to Ford, giving him a narrow 1187 delegates to Reagan’s 1070.

What’s the point of this entire useless trivia you ask? The point is this, aren’t we always being told that we just need to accept who ever they tell us to. Haven’t we been told for the last 2 years that Mitt Romney was, “The Front Runner, the Presumptive Choice” and other piles of RINO dung?

To make matters all the worse, we have independents and Democrats voting in the GOP primaries. How has that worked for us in the past. Ford, Dole, McCain and now Romney. Does anyone see a pattern here? It seems that the Republic leaders, whether while serving in Congress, running their mouths on TV or in backing “Moderate” (that’s liberal to you and me) candidates against conservatives are always telling us what we need to accept. Open wide and say ahh. Oh, and this is going to sting a little.”

And to pile on a little more, some of those still in the running, namely Perry and Newt, have decided to take Obama’s left wing approach in an effort to dry gulch Romney. Both are using the very same tack that Obama would when he attacks freedom and capitalism. Equating Romney with Wall Street bankers and evil corporations and saying that he is the cause for peoples woe’s is not going to make them look more conservative. It makes them look like leftist Wall Street Occupiers.

I have always liked Rick Perry and Newt. I like Perry as Governor and have admired Newt for decades. But they have lost my support to be our President with their attacks against Mitt using Obama, Reid and Pelosi tactics. Now don’t jump to any crazy conclusions here, Mitt is still as he has always been, RINO, Par Excellence. And don’t think that we are stuck with Ol’ Ron Paul either. I know he is popular with 20somethings and independents, but, he’s Ron Paul. Need I say more? Why is it he may skip a few areas where independents can vote? Humn, I don’t know.

I guess that would leave conservatives with the other Rick wouldn’t it? Santorum is a social conservative that sees government as the problem but at the same times sees it as a solution to problems that only government can take care of. In 2006, U2 front man Bono told New York Times columnist David Brooks, “I would suggest that Rick Santorum has a kind of Tourette’s disease; he will always say the most unpopular thing. But on our issues, he has been a defender of the most vulnerable.” I think that conservatives could say the same couldn’t we?

I would like to ask all of the candidates to remain in the fight as long as they have enough money to stand on a box, on a street corner, and yell through a rolled up newspaper megaphone. Stay in the fight because we need to have hope that we will change the Oval office in November. Please fight on.

‘Ding Dong, ol’ Mitt aint won, still got Newt, still got Ricks
Ding Dong ol’ RINO Mitt aint won.
Stay in, till Obama’s done, House is kept, Senate won
Ding Dong ol’ RINO Mitt aint won.’

If you are reading this, you are the Resistance.


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