Happy Ground Hog Day

It seems amazing to this, your humble reporter, the heated debates going on over the current GOP primary elections. When listening to pundits on TV and radio discussing the various candidates, each side applauds their choices “conservative” credentials while all the more condemning their choices opponents “RINO” ways.

At the same time, we have “The Donald” coming onFOXNews repeatedly telling us that we are waiting with baited breath for his endorsement. “The Donald”, can you believe it? The only person truly waiting for this man to grace us with his choice is “The Donald” Donald Trump and maybe those on TV and radio that give him the platform that he desires.

This whole current election cycle has turned into a circus. We have all the elephants and clowns along with the ring announcers to go with it.

We still have the Ron Paul contingent with their “End the Fed” and “Leave the world to itself” mantra’s. Those that support Paul are very Paulish on Paul and any words against their choice will be met with anger. It evens comes down for some of them that it’s either Paul or no one. Good luck with that. Some even put out that if Paul doesn’t get the GOP nod, that they want him to run as a third party choice.

First off, that would be a terrible mistake to divide the Republican vote. As much as we disdain the Progressive Left, they stick together in their hatred of the Conservative Right. They will always stick together to defeat Constitutional freedoms and individual liberty.

Secondly, a third party Paul run will never happen. With all of his railing against the establishment and his libertarian leanings, he is a Republican and wants to remain a Republican. More importantly, he has a son named Rand Paul. Any third party Ron Paul run will be met not only with the ending of his life as a viable GOP congressman, but his son will no longer be accepted as a GOP member. If Paul runs third party, Rand Paul may as well join him because his own future as a Republican will be dead in the water.

The GOP insiders will use his career as a hammer against Ron Paul for daring to go against them, the GOP insiders. The one thing that can not be tolerated by the establishment is for an underling to swim against the tide. Rand Paul will be a blip on the time line of GOP history. Plus, Ron Paul will never win a general election and his nomination to the GOP platform or a third party run will give Obama a second term.

Romney and Gingrich. Aint they the pair? The rhetoric inFloridawas almost comical. Whether it was from the campaigns themselves or sideline groups that put out ad’s supporting or attacking either one of these guys. When it comes down to it, both of these sides will do anything to win. Romney, for his part has over 5 years invested in trying to become President. This is his last chance because if he is a 2 time loser for the GOP nomination, he will never be considered a viable candidate ever again.

Romney wants to tell us all, that he “IS” the conservative Republican candidate in this race. He tells us that he supports the Constitution and freedom and will repeal Obamacare. Really, are we really supposed to believe that he is a Tea Party, Constitutional Conservative? The only time he has ever been that is now. It is now, because he needs our votes to become the most powerful man in the free world and no more. His record is there for all of us to see, hear and read. The problem is that most Americans will not,SEE, HEARANDREAD it for themselves.

Mitt is the same as he ever was. He may try and govern toward the center if he is pushed enough by the Right but only because of it. He is still one of the few elected persons in theUnited States of Americathat inflicted healthcare mandates, global warming restrictions and state supported abortion monies on the people that elected him.But, in the end, if elected, he probably would govern from the center right because he would of course want to be re-elected after 4 years and also because the Republicans in Congress and the Senate would push him to the Right.

Mitt could probably win a general election. The one thing Romney has is a Presidential look and demeanor about him. He seems Presidential. Most importantly, he seems Presidential and amiable to those in the independent category. Those that make up neither the 40% on the Right nor the 40% on the Left. Those pesky 20%er’s in the center that may have voted for Obama because of the Hope and Change smoke blown up their, a, well, you know. Or, because they truly had had enough of PresidentBush and the Republicans. Like it or not, it’s the 20% that will end the Obama train toward totalitarian social democracy.  It is not the Tea Party, not the Republicans and conservatives. Romney’s centrist appeal could allow him to beat Obama.

Newt! What can we say about ol’ Newt? First off, the admiration for Gingrich over his intellect and his ability and willingness to take on the liberal media has been embraced by the Right. Republicans and Tea Party people have long waited and longed for someone that get in the fight that has been waged against conservatives and the religious Right for so long. As conservatives, we haven’t truly felt like anyone elected to high office has spoke up for us and our beliefs since Mr. Reagan. We relish the fact that Mr. Newt has done that in the past debates. And we thank him for that truly we do.

But, when we hear all of the Newt supporters telling us that we are wrong to support anyone but Newt because he “IS” the only true conservative in the race, we have to wonder. “WTF” (Sorry for that, but it is needed at times) Newt, the only true conservative? Please don’t take this the wrong way. Newt is great.But, in no way has Newt ever been or is a true CONSERVATIVE. We all know that currently, Mr. Newt has been talking conservative and talking Constitution.But, he has always been a progressive Republican and probably still is. Regardless of what he says about his attitudes changing since becoming a grandpa or a Catholic.

Newt likes to tell us that his support for healthcare mandates, global warming initiatives and other progressive agendas was long ago during the Clinton Administrations. And they were.But, his setting on the couch with Pelosi and his supporting of mandates were not restricted to, “in a galaxy far, far away and a long time ago. His support for REQURING YOU to buy health insurance, or REQUIRING YOU to put up aBOND, which is still the same thing was not 15 years ago. It was in 2009. Newt has never been a conservative till NOW while he is running for the GOP ticket. So please, can we stop the Mitt-Newt Kool-Aid drinking about espousing of theirConservative streetcred? Please? We are starting to look feeble minded here folks.Both men would be infinitely better for the Republic and the world than this guy we have now and we should support whoever gets the GOP nomination and encourage everyone that loves this Republic to do so.

Something that should remind us of the real, true, Newt, love him or not, was his amazingly graceless non-concession speech after not phoning the winner, Mitt Romney out of common competitive courtesy.  Gingrich chose to talk not about minor matters such as how he proposes to win the Nov. 6 election, but instead, described in great detail what all he is already planning to do and sign during his first day in the Oval Office. Newt being the ol’ Newt. Newt does not stand a chance to win theBig Ticket election in November.

Regardless of how much we conservatives like him or love him, he is as polarizing to the left and independents as Obama is to the Right. Newt would lose big time against Obama regardless of his trouncing ofB. Hussein in any debate. You and I are the base. We can only keep a Republican from having a chance to win but we can not give him a victory. Only the independents can give a Republican a victory. I hate that fact but it is true and conservatives have got to come to that realization or our way of life is over

The Remaining Rick. Rick Santorum truly “IS” the conservative candidate in the race now.  Even he has a few things like his support for No Child LeftBehind that causes conservatives to wince but almost everything Rick has done has truly been from the Right and conservative way.But, Rick is Mr. Excitement. He continues, except inIowa, to be an also ran. Letting the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag, Rick Santorum is my personal choice left in this race.But, it seems that baring an intervention from God, he will not last much longer. Everything is against him when it comes to money and establishment support. I think that he could be a Reagan type of candidate and President but who knows. We may never know.

What to do? Well first, if we are going to defeatBarack Hussein Obama, we have got to get someone that can appeal to those damned independents. As an independent that only has the GOP left to vote for because I am so far to the right, some of the Founding fathers seem a little left to me, I will support the GOP. I will endeavor to promote the qualities of the GOP candidate because we have too.

We need to be finished with our efforts to “EXPOSE” the true Obama. We need to end our attempts to show the world his socialist agenda and his Muslim beliefs and his social justice heart. That hasn’t worked.  Except on us. If the world hasn’t seen it by now, they never will. We just come off as right wing idiots to them and push them away. Time to try something different. Come out of our holes and see what the Weather Men have for us. Happy Ground Hog Day.


If you are reading this, You are the Resistance,

"Pertinax usque ad mortem"

This isBruceBowers







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