Whitney and The Shining Light on a Hill

Whitney and the Shining Light on a Hill

The recent passing of music star Whitney Houston made me think of the peril that we all face right now in this great republic of ours.

Whitney shot out of the darkness to become one of the most popular and famous musical stars of all time. Her meteoric rise was spurred on not only by her talents, but also what she symbolized through her beautiful, enchanting voice and her winsome appeal.

She was a good girl making it big. Even those of us that couldn’t really be considered a true “fan”, thought of her in the highest regard. We appreciated her talents and were prone to, “turn it up” when her songs came on the radio and sing along with her. She was a star of the highest quality.

She was that way for years and years and more than one generation of Americans were inspired by her. Then, along came Bobbi.

Robert Barisford “Bobby”Brown, a fairly successful entertainer in his own right, shot onto the scene with the same type of star power that numerous people have in the past.But, because he didn’t possess the qualities, not only his professional life but his personal life as well, he didn’t achieve the stardom that Whitney did. He also was a notorious drug abuser and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Bobby came in and swept Whitney off her feet. And, as the days went on his lifestyle and drug abusing swept her off her starlit pedestal as well. He came in like a shinning Knight and left like nothing better than a two-bit, worthless piece of street trash. Another Cinderella story complete.

This whole sad affair reminds of our entire great Republic. America was a thriving City ofOn Hillfor the whole world to see. A place that the whole world wanted to come to and a place the world wanted to be. America was a Shining Light on a Hill that beckoned the rest of the world toward freedom and human dignity.

In the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Eight,Barack Hussein Obama II, the  44th and current President of the United States.Barack Obama.

Rising like a meteor from almost out of no where,Barack Obama shot onto the scene in 2004 and hasn’t stopped. Several events brought him to national attention during the campaign, including his victory in the March 2004 Illinois Democratic primary for the Senate election and his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004. He won election to the U.S. Senate in Illinois in November 2004.

His presidential campaign began in February 2007, and was inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009. In October 2009, Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Obama was toAmericalikeBrown was to Whitney. He came in with his message of “Hope and Change” has done to our republic whatBrown did toHouston. After three years of our nation’s love affair with Obama, our republic is now addicted to more and more of governmental takeovers, hand outs, regulations than at any time in history. The abuse perpetrated on the Constitution of The United States by this man is nothing short of the kinds done byBrown toHouston.

Half of the nation is now getting 100% of their financial support from the government. 45% of Americans pay no income tax and yet retain the voting privileges that allow them to elect more of the pushers and drug dealers to public office. The only difference between Obama and Congress and the drug dealers and wife abusers like Bobby Brown is that Obama and his cronies get to make the laws. And they make laws that continue to hook more and more Americans onto their drug addicting hind tit.

America stands at the terminus point of our republic’s life. The nation we all were born into and grew up in is gone. It’s not just Barack Obama’s fault but he was the pusher that brought it to this point faster than anyone else could have.

The Democrat Party and its Presidents got the American people to give up their own freedom and liberties in order to get the addicting drug of government support in their lives. Whether Welfare, food subsides or whether it was the subsidies paid to farmers and business’. America has become a hind tit nation.

The Republicans have their part in this demise of our republic as well. The GOP with its “git a long to get along”, John McCain style of bowing down to anything the Democratic Party wants is the deepest cut of all. “Et tu,Brute?”

The Republican Party is no better than the so called friends and entourages of stars like Whitney Houston and others. Michael Jackson, Elvis,Brittney Spears and now Whitney. All of these superstars had people in their lives to should have helped and at times, stopped these stars from their untimely demises.But they didn’t. They gave the people everything they wanted, never standing up and saying what need to be said. These stars are dead now.

Barack Hussein Obama is here now. He is addicting more and more Americans to his way of thinking. “Let the government do it. We know better because we are politicians. We know better because you are too stupid to handle your own lives. We know best.” He is our Bobby Brown.


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