Homey don’t play dat!


Homey Dont Play Dat!

When was the last time that we truly heard a President of the United Statesspeak whole heartedly about the interests of the United States of America? When was the last time that those same miscreants spoke whole heartedly about the freedoms of the people of the United States of America?

Can’t Remember? I didn’t think so. I can’t either. We all bring to mind those brief shinning moments in one President or the other saying something that we could bends into a form that we recognized as, ‘being for me and America.”But in reality, we were just putting on the Presidents words what we wanted to hear. As Conservative Americans, we have become infected with “Battered Spouses Syndrome.”

It has been sooooo long since we had a President that thought of being the President of theUnited States of Americafirst, instead of the De Facto General Secretary of the United Nations. Can anyone say that this is wrong? When we think about it, probably not.

With the current guy living in the big white building, it really stands out to us all. There are other contributing factors but his policies for the most part are aimed at being a great General Secretary as opposed to President. The reason that we as conservatives see it is that his election, knowing how he felt about America, made us sit up and pay attention finally.But what about those that came before him?

As conservatives, we generally over looked the world leader leanings of Republican Presidents because, like progressive liberals with Obama, Clinton and Carter, their “our” guy.  Hang with folks!

George H.W.Bush was worried about freeing the Kuwaitis from someone that was killing them but decided, because the United Nations had not authorized it, to let the killer go free.But, as we all know, “W” took care of him. Would America’s national interests been better serve by just killing Saddam Hussein? “A New World Order,” NAFTA, all in America’s Interest? Sure it was.

Clinton was more worried about, like Democrat Presidents do, subjugating the American people under their heavy handed and jack booted federal thugs. Does anyone of you remotely believe that the Assault Weapons Ban did anything to keep you safer?But, at least he changed our nation policies to allow the Chinese to finally gain against our military power by allowing the Commerce Department to open national security secretes. We all know that making the American people to live on a level playing field is the best for our national interests. Right!

“W” spent most of his Presidency trying to win the hearts and minds of the rest of the world while at the same time bombing the tea total living crap out of some of them. That is why he tried to get the world to think of the USA as the compassionate conservative older brother. Instead of just bombing Afghanistan farther back into the Stone Age, we decided to build a democracy. “W” wanted everyone in the world to love us, but didn’t bother to show us where are children’s blood and our nations wealth was going.

We were lied to and kept in the dark about a group of people in a place where the men hate, even the thought of a woman that they use young boys as stand ins for everything, and I mean everything,  except pro-creation. All one has to do is watch the PBS special featuring the British militaries encounters with them. It was like gay pride day in San Fran except it wasn’t considered that by the Afghans. Even Afghan President Hamid Karzai was probably involved in this. Links here if you don’t believe me:

Examiner , Silk Roads , Telegraph , more links here , I hope this enough to see that the American Government and news media have lied to us about this.

Maybe it was well deserved that President Bush spent his whole presidency chasing guys named Osama and Hussein to be replace by a guy Obama and Hussein. Does anyone else see the irony in this sick joke? Which brings use to B. Hussein Obama. Well there’s…there’s…damn, his whole presidency so far has been in America’s interest right? Didn’t think so. Homey don’t play dat.

But look at the bright side Patriots, at least your fellow conservatives are awake now and paying attention. The liberal progressive will never see what is happening to our republic but at least we get to watch it slide over the edge.

Which brings me to the point of this long winded blau, blau blau session. With all of my railings against him. With all of my harsh words for him. And with all of my, “Really, Ron Paul, Really,” statements, I gotta admit it children, I truly believe that he has America’s interest first and foremost in his mind. Now, now, don’t have a cow, as children sometimes say. I aint lost my head here. I’m just saying!

Vote damn it vote. I may not even matter anymore and if B. Hussein is re-elected, it may well be your last chance. Can any of you, after seeing his first 3 years and what he did, not believe that he may just decide not to leave at the end of his term? Executive Order resending term limits? Well, anyway, “Have a great Day and Smile”


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