Through the Glass Darkly

It has been sometime since last we gathered here to cuss and discuss the downfall of our great Republic. There are many reasons why you have failed to hear from me, “Your Humble Correspondent” for so long. Most importantly, it has been time but it has also been vigor.

The war we fight for our Republic is a hard one. At least it is for those of us that long for the truly free Republic that we once believed we had. In sad point of fact, that dream state of freedom’s glory had past in our beloved land long before B. Hussien Obama became leader of the free world. He was just the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

As Americans, we have all been guilty of seeing through the glass darkly during most of our lives. Our vision of what was was skewed by our love for our land. We believed that others felt the same as we. How much more wrong could we have been? For over a hundred years, those on the left and in our very own government have been trying to snuff out Lady Liberty’s torch and we felled to notice. “WE” failed to notice. The shame is our burden now to bear isn’t it?

As everyday people we saw through rose colored glasses. Those glasses that made us believe that when politicians and leftists lied or worse, spoke openly about their hate for us and our way of life, we saw them as outside our box in inconsequential to our lives. They plotted and ranted and we laughed them off as crazy’s. They were a patient lot and we failed to see their danger didn’t we? Their victory’s are now our penance to pay for our sin’s of neglect.

We for so long believed that our futures were so bright we had to wear shades. Actually, we were looking at our world with blinders on. Our beliefs and selfishness’ allowed us to only see what we wanted. What we cared about. What we thought to be important. It turns out that along with our own foolish inward focus, those on the left along with those that we thought were on our side had ensnared us. They bridled us with racehorse type blinds that kept us from seeing the halters and ropes they were wrapping tightly around us. Now are hands and futures are tied to those that don’t believe the way we do or want what we want.

We should have seen what they were doing. We should have seen their snares but we didn’t. Why? As everyday, hard working people, we saw what we had to see to get by. Those in power, which “WE” put there, kept us focused on their Right hands while all the while working against us with the Left hands. Our eyes were set on our lives, which they made harder by their left slight of hand. Our eyes were fixed on what they and their friends on the left wanted us fixed on. We had tunnel vision in a tunnel that they lead us into. As sheep, we were lead into the tunnel with only the occasional “beep” and “bah” in protest. Like lambs to the slaughter, we were silenced when they offered us the placating “conservative” shepherd to get us back in line.

People tend to only see to the full extent of their visions. At that point, our imaginations and fears take over. We didn’t see that our freedoms were being strangled to a point of passing away under George W. Bush because we liked him. His terrorist policies were what saved us from any additional terror attacks. But at what cost? We became full aware of the cost when an openly anti-American, hazy personal past, harbinger of Hope and Change came on the scene. Our vision extended, our fears kicked in and we mobilized. Our imaginations filled in the foggy shroud we are unable to see through. Terribly, our imaginations were correct in some aspects. And still short sided in others.

As Americans, we have a vision before use that, at any other time in republic’s past, would never have been. Until now, there were too many that would react to the foreboding uneasiness that we now have before us. With our visions focused on the mirror that we saw the world through, we have come to the point where many feel we have a choice between the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

As with the Apostle John’s vision, we have someone on one side that does not see the God of our fathers as we do. He comes to us in sheep’s clothing telling us the meaning of what we believe. From a past born into and raised in, where he worshiped a false God, he now tells us that “HE” is the one to lead us. He now tells that our beliefs are the problem and he is here to repair it. THE ONE!

And as we see on “OUR” side, another, lesser beast rising among us that promises us NEW hope and change. Another one rose among us that shifts from side to side like a desert serpent on the hot sands looking for a shady spot to wait. Another one that has personal God beliefs completely foreign to most Americans. And in accordance with his beliefs, we must look at him through Rose Colored Glasses in order to stop the other, more dangerous beast.

Unlike him though, we realize that we are not reading obscure Golden Plates through now lost, Rosy lenses, we see clearly what is at stake. And unfortunately, we have to make that choice and not waiver. More than holding our noses, we must cover our eyes when making the choice. We may well have to borrow the mirrored shield of Perseus to cast our ballot for the Mudusa before us. And cover we shall.

We see before us a slimmer of light in our choice. Can the Leviathan that stands before us be stopped? Although not one that we would have ever accepted, in any other time, the choice is clear. The one, to stop “THE ONE”. Can the binds that we hope to wrap around him hold him to his promises? To be seen. Will we just slow our republic’s demise by electing him? We will see. Or, does it matter? One way or another, we no longer see through the glass darkly. The future is seen. We will see if it is bright or not.


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