Open letter to my Congressman and Senators

Dear Congressman,

I am an average citizen of the great State of Texas. For all of my adult life I have voted Republican. Since voting the first time for President Reagan, I have long supported the GOP and their candidates in every election.

To be candid I have, at times voted AGAINST their Democratic rivals in lieu of actually voting FOR the Republican. I don’t feel that was in anyway being disloyal to the GOP because in those certain situations, I felt that the Republican Party had put forth a candidate that was not a true conservative or that candidate was actually a Progressive, Liberal Republican that was only in the GOP because the Democratic spot was filled.

I, along with millions of other true Conservative, or Christian, or Gun Owning, or Founding Fathers revering, and yes, Tea Party Members have long felt that we had to help the Republican Party to defeat the Democratic Party in past elections. We all felt that, even though not every GOP candidate represented our thoughts and wishes, they were as close as we could come to getting decent representation in our State and Federal political offices.

Once again, we as a huge voting block of the GOP have not been championed by those in the Republican Party that we sent to Washington D.C. to represent us, We the People. This past 4 years have been hard on not only us, the voters, but on you, the servants of We the People that we gave our monies and votes to. We here in the homeland understand the pressures of your office. We understand that when those in your party, such as the Speaker of the House, the Senate Minority Leader and their various Whips decide to go along to get along with the Left Wing Democrat’s, it becomes hard for you to stand your conservative ground. We understand, but we expect you to stand your ground.

We hired you to represent our needs while remaining on your post there in Washington. Sometimes, what we want from you is this, STOP the Democrat’s. We did not send you there to, “Get things done”. There has been enough of getting things done over the past 6 years. We want you to STOP them and what they are doing.

My dear Congressman, this Fiscal Cliff fiasco was the last straw. It was the preverbal straw that has broken the Republican Camels back, so to speak. From this point forward, I will personally only back true Conservatives candidates. I hope that will remain the GOP choice. It may not be however. I am just one voter. I have no influence on others except through my voice, either spoken or written. But I will use it to the fullest extent to get a true conservative voice to represent me.

Those that feel the way I do have long been frightened into voting for the, if you will pardon me, “The lesser of 2 evils”, but those days are over. The last 4 years have proven to us that we in fact did, in certain elections, “throw away our vote”, by voting Republican. We received in our government the exact opposite of what we wanted by voting for the GOP out of fear of the Left. We are finished with that.

Congressman, I am asking you, my representative there in Washington to be Conservative and be true to the Constitution that our nation was built on. The coming months are going to be filled with bills that will future divide our nation and remove or stymie our Rights under the Constitution. We want you to stand and stand strong against the Democratic Left and their further eroding of our great Republic.

This is not an ultimatum in any way. It is a promise. I will support those that represent me. My devotion to the Republican Party is passed now. I will only support those that support me in return. In this promise, I will never support another Moderate or Progressive Liberal Republican with my vote. I along with millions of other Conservative Americans have witnessed the outcome of our support of Mr’s, Dole, McCain and Romney in their losing efforts to appear liberal enough to the Left while promising to hold the conservative mantle high. We saw both President Bush’s go along with the Left on things that they told us conservatives they would never do. “Read my lips” Congressman, I will never do that again. If my choice in the voting booth is to lose, I will still vote conservative, not the lesser of 2 evils.

The coming attack on the 1st and 2nd Amendments will decide our Republic’s future. But also, it will decide your party’s future as well. Any cave in or go along on this matter will see the demise of the GOP. I am saying this as a friend and not as a threat or ultimatum. The GOP’s voter base is varied but there is a core of Christian, Conservative, Gun owning, Constitution revering, private property owning and freedom loving Americans that are truly disillusioned by the modern Republican Party and any other new Party that may arise that holds their Conservative ideals will take them Presidential election. We have found that voting for some has not gotten us anywhere but further to the Left.

Please stand. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully yours,
Bruce Bowers.


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