They’re coming to take your guns…ha…ha…they’re coming to take your guns…

Soon after President Obama entered office, the car industry was turned completely upside down. Not only did 2 of the Big 3 get taken over by the new administration, but half of the dealers for those automobiles, some in business for over 90 years, successful, free and clear of any debt, and selling everything they received from the manufacturer, were summarily put out of business because a newly appointed Obama official didn’t like them. Think about that, 90 years as a successful business and whammy, “You’re out of business.”

There would be backing from the supporters of the new President with all of their excuses but in reality, it was nothing but a payoff to his supporters, from the Factory to the parts house. Just days before, those that hailed the coronation of their new leader had been railing against the Executive abuses of that Satan and fascist, George W. Bush. As time has progressed, the current occupier of the White House would not only embrace the totalitarian tactics and losses of freedoms forced on the Republic by the former President, he would expand into areas that mere days before, no one would have ever dream of in a free society. He promised, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” How little did we all know just how much and in what way he had in mind.

Half of the nation seems to support his efforts. Half seems completely against it. Where it ends up, who knows.

The point today is the coming change to the meaning of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. For 237 years it has meant what it has meant. Now, those in office are going to tell us that it means something different and that we have it all wrong. Just as those racist, slave owning, misogynistic Founding Fathers did. Aren’t we glad they came along to straighten that out for us?

But this isn’t meant as an attack on the President. VP Biden met with a number of supporters of their attack and surprisingly, they agree. Who would have thought? But also, he met with some of the large sporting goods retailers. These are those that I speak about today. I have a theory about something.

Just like the car industry take over, the Obama Administration can take over the firearms industry the same way and they will be applauded by their current applauders. And at the same time Obama can say, “Hey, see, I left your precious 2nd Amendment alone so go cling to your guns and religion and get in line with the times.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods has already capitulated before anyone has ever fired a shot. Sorry for the play on words. Others are going to follow and get in line with the Administration. A list of the big retailers is, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dunham’s Sports, Gander Mountain, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Wal-Mart and the National Retail Federation. These companies’s will become to gun sales as the current dealerships and manufacturers in the automobile industry are during the era of the Obama regime. Gun makers are going to have to all out just to resupply stores with guns and ammo after this current run on those items. Who will get resupplied first? Will the small mom and pope stores or online only stores get product first? Will those that believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right to protest the Administration get theirs before the big buyers? If you buy your guns and ammo at these retailers, you will be in support of them. It is on your conscience as to whether you do or don’t. Personally, I will never buy a sock from them if they get on board with Obama.

I believe that this will basically be the death nail to American gun ownership even if the Feinsteinies don’t get their way. Which by the way, they will.

The government will just deem those that they want to receive supply. Only those that buy into their new legislation will survive this new attack. Worked in cars. Worked in health care. Why not guns.

It falls to the little guy out there. If you believe that it doesn’t pertain to you because you only hunted deer a few times a year or because you are a fishing fan, don’t fool yourselves. The past shows that Democrats and Progressives don’t believe you have the Right to hunt and fish. They WILL come after your Dad’s ol’ shotgun and .30-06. Just go dig up Wild Ted Kennedy and ask him about that. They will not stop till guns are only in the hands of the drug cartels, Muslim extremists and two bit Dictators of their choosing.

Also, it seems convenient that the government’s order of 1.7 billion rounds of domestic usable ammo comes at the same time. Ammo that can not be used in war. It can only be used on those they deem as criminals here in the United States. I am not jumping on the, “coming round up of Americans and internment camp,” theories here, just saying that their orders of all that ammo, along with the change of current laws will make mom and pop stores wait on product to sell until they cant wait any longer and just go out of business. Bill’s, payroll, healthcare costs, mortgages and eating do not stop just because they don’t have anything to sell.

Regardless of where this current fracas ends up, the American way of life is going to further change within the next few days or months. Remember kids, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Stand firm.


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  1. Well stated, Bruce! Your efforts are appreciated!

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