Change and a visit from the Mexican President

Sometimes the way things change is pretty amazing.

Sometimes they change quickly, like every time you buy a new mobile phone, music player or computer. You get all excited with your new purchase and hurry home to hook it all up, only to get an upgrade message the first time you turn it on. It doesn’t matter at all if you bought the top of the line. it is in reality just part of the line.

Sometimes things change slowly like your home town or a favorite vacation spot. It all seems similar but the plants are different, there might be another house or one may be missing. But still, change has come.

On May 19th, 1848 our neighbor to the south, Mexico gave their northern territory of Texas to the United States helping to bring an end to the Mexican–American War. Or as Mi’ Amigo’s like to say, invasión estadounidense de México (American Invasion of Mexico.

After the United States declared war on Mexico, the deposed former President and Dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna returned to power in Mexico to fight against the US. After promising that he didn’t want power, just military service to Mexico, he reneged on all of his promises to both the US and to Mexico, ceased power and became a Dictator again.

After it was all over, the United States gained through war and monetary purchase, the lands that are now Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. It only cost the US in cash, $18,250,000 ($457,373,077 today) and the U.S. agreed to cover $3.25-million ($81,450,000 today) in debts that the Mexican government owed to U.S. citizens. Oh, and there was also the cost of the war at $100 million and the lives of 13,780 U.S. military personnel

Today, in a beautifully orchestrated ceremony on the lawn of our nation’s capital, our glorious leader and some would say, would be dictator himself chose today of all days to start returning the favor to Mexico. Joining hands with his soul mate from across our open southern border, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and two of them blasted the State of Arizona for its controversial immigration law. Obama called the legislation a “misdirected effort” and Calderon called it “discriminatory.”

Does the former community organizer realize that he is President of the United States? You would think that riding in the big blue jet and spending his work week nights in the White House would remind him.

When will he ever say anything good about our Republic and the people that have made it great? All of you Obama voters out there, is this the kind of President that you really wanted? It is understandable that you wanted anyone one but BUSH, but really, is this man truly your guy?

Our country is changing so rapidly now that it is almost impossible for us all to keep up with everything that this administration is doing to give away our nations wealth, opportunities and freedom.

Is this the Hope and Change you were wanting? Is it working out well for you? There is a huge gap between the rhetoric former candidate and the current leader of the regime in what he said and what he has done. We need change we truly can believe in and not some polished politician that only sees the American tax payer as his piggy bank to the world.


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